Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Re Dinner is Served and Minoria

Comment from minoria:

Hello Yahya,

One of my comments,one that had an objective statement about Sam Shamoun has disappeared,(I did not take it out) and for that specific comment he said about me:

``Guess what folks, Minoria has now gone to Yahya Snow's blog trying to badmouth me. He has even capitulated to the Muslims by claiming that they have a good argument concerning the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18. And this is the guy claiming that he isn't after attention and affirmation! ``

Since I had written in answeringmuslims (and since the first comment about Sam here has disappeared)

``That said I am not writing this to have the last word,but because I know myself,and I am not full of pride,it is the truth,only that I am not intellectually convinced.That said I will stop here.``

Then I would be contradicting myself if I were to answer to Sams accusation in answeringmuslims.It is an accusation.

First of all,I just repeated here essentially the same thing that I had said there,in answeringmuslims,that he had trouble seeing that others could sincerely,on an intellectual level,accept his arguments.And I gave an example regarding DEUT 18 with its prophecy about the prophet like Moses to come.

That example did not have him in mind,it was the first that came to my head.I had stated that since DEUT 23:7 says that the EDOMITES are the brothers(akh,in Hebrew) of the Jews and that since akh also means RELATIVE(cousin,father,uncle,etc) a Muslim could be sincere in that it is about Muhammad.Tehcnically speaking,there is that possibility.

Minoria, you cannot learn much from that site. If you want a blog where you can learn about Christianity, Islam and other things try Paul Williams' blog. Try commenting there, hopefully you can be a regular there. Clearly the insecurities of Dave or whoever deleted your comments are even affecting long-term contributors.

Minoria, I can tell you - publicly others have left AM. They have abandoned David Wood, Sam Shamoun et al.

Minoria, make this your new home:

Message to Sam and Dave: People are leaving your cabal. Nabeel, Negeen and others. People are realising the truth about you folk.

NOTE: Post has been edited due to a misunderstanding of minoria's statement

Q for Anthony Rogers: Is cross-dressing forbidden in the Bible? If so, why is Dave in his wife's nightie in the video above? Email me the answer.

Email: yahyasnow@yahoo.co.uk


Radical Moderate said...
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Radical Moderate said...


I invite you to look into Islam please please please really look into Islam

Radical Moderate said...
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Muslim Zeal said...

Good job Br. Snow! :)

Anonymous said...

From Minoria

I have just read this post.When I said a comment was deleted I meant one here in this blog.In fact comments by Muslims and non-Muslims were deleted in the same section,comments in favor and against Christianity,so it looks like a technical error.Like the comments by a Muslim,maybe it was Eric,about that he thinks the Bible allows rape.

I looked for all those comments several times in several posts and nothing.Since they were not there,I had to make a new comment about it all.

As for Paul William's blog,I do go there like once a week,I go to Leah Libresco's blog(Jewish atheist who is now a catholic,called "unequallyyoked"),Mary Jo Sharp's Confident Christianity,Derek Adams' blog,etc.

Now those who read the first comment in this blog where I mentioned Sam(and by the way in the end he wished me well)know that,along with comments by Muslims also,it has disappeared.But since all were affected I think it was a technical slip.
I have seen several South American telenovelas,and life does imitate art.

Radical Moderate said...
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Radical Moderate said...
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Radical Moderate said...

Muslim Zeal said...
Good job Br. Snow! :)

My Response:

Snowman deletes comments all the time, he even banned Anthony Rogers becasue he exposed your Br Snow to many times. Muslim Zeal your Br Snow even deleted an entire article he wrote after Anthony Rogers exposed his foolishness.

Now comes Minora saying that Blog Posts have been deleted. Snowman runs with it rights a blog article thinking that it was David Wood or Sam Shamoun that delted his comment, and that it was do to David Wood and Sam Shamouns "insecurity".

You comment "Good Job"

It now turns out that Minora was talking about comments he made on this (Yahya Snows) blog. LOL

Yes Good Job, Good Job indeed

Radical Moderate said...
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Radical Moderate said...

rights = writes

Radical Moderate said...

Minoria, my advice to you is not to let the insecurities of Yahya Snow get to you. But do look into Islam please

Anonymous said...

Look at radical moderator getting mad. Ur obsessed with this blog. U like seeing Shamoun and wood xposed

Radical Moderate said...
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Anonymous said...

Radical is butt hurt. His friends r xposed

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

Having rested,I decided to see the video,which I hadn't and was surprised.There Wood and Shamoun were in error since in Judaism only the 7 Noahide laws apply to non-Jews(including Arabs and Muslims) and none of them prohibit a man dressing like a woman,whether it is a cultural thing or otherwise.

I had wanted to get into atheism vs theism and I will with more detail,but I have to comment about MATTHEW 28.

But first a bit about if God exists:

1.Before scientists accepted the STEADY STATE THEORY,the universe has ALWAYS existed,and always will.
Ok,the Bible says God created the universe,there was a contradiction.

2.Now the BIG BANG theory is accepted,15 billion years ago there was an explosion.All of a sudden TIME,SPACE and MATTER appeared,they had not existed before.From a tiny point the universe began to expand like a CONE,it still is.

3.So debaters like DINESH D'SOUZA,Christian,argue that it points to a creator.

4.However others like Richard Carrier(atheist),John Loftus(atheist,ex-Christian)say there is enough empirical evidence that something existed before the Big Bang,it was NOT that before there was NOTHING and then all of a sudden something.

5.When a STAR collapses it is called a NOVA and it becomes a compact mass so thick that no light can penetrate it.It becomes a BLACK HOLE and destroys all that comes near it,in fact,the universe is full of TRILLIONS of black holes.As you can see space travel is very dangerous.

6.So several argue that based on evidence it is probable that a black hole gives ORIGIN to a NEW universe.In other words,our universe had its origin in a black hole.No God there.

7.In fact,millions or billions of universes have been born,and are being born.Each one with different scientific laws,where ANY possible combination happens.Some universes die,there is a real universe factory,and only the fittest universes survive,a Darwinian "survival of the fittest".

8.That is called parallel universes and multiverses.So we come back,as they believe,to the STEADY STATE THEORY,the universe or universes have always existed.There is a response to that but you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

About MATT 28:17 says:

"And they saw him(Jesus),and they prostrated before him.But some had their doubts"(I have translated directly from my French Bible,and there it says "ils se prosternerent devant lui")

Then from Matt 28:18-20 Jesus gives the Great Commission to preach the good news to the whole world.

Shabir Ally in his debates says some scholars think it is not "some doubted" but "they doubted".


The phrase certainly passes the criterion of embarassment of the historical method as being an authentic part of the original book.It has no propaganda value.

Some think it was only the apostles who were with Jesus,others think it was them plus the 500 believers in 1 Corin 15,we dont know.

Using the minimalist method let's say they ALL doubted.


1.For a Muslim,because of the Koran, all were tricked into believing Jesus had died,so it really wasn't that they doubted he had DIED,they were sure,in their minds, he had died.

2.So they did NOT doubt he had died and resurrected.

3.Was it they doubted he was the Messiah?Why would they do that if he had,for them,resurrected?

4.I say they doubted his claim to being God even though he had resurrected.


MATT 28 ALSO says the Roman soldiers saw Jesus come out of the tomb and told the JEWISH ENEMIES of Jesus,the ones who killed him,about it.

John Loftus and other skeptics find it impossible to believe that THAT event in Matt 28 had really happened then the religious experts who were enemies of Jesus,Jews themselves,would NOT EVEN THEN,with Jesus alive,believe he was the Messiah,and even God.

In JUDAISM it is not only God who does miracles and says prophecies but SATAN can do likewise,that was why the Jewish priests didn't believe,they said:"It is a trick of the Devil".

That was why some or all of the followers of the resurrected Jesus even AT THE LAST MINUTE had their,er,doubts.It is a detail like that that makes you think that the writer was not inventing a story out of thin air,but trying to say the truth of the matter as he saw it.


Suppose one day we find authentic documents in Jerusalem written by the Jewish authorities and actually saying that Jesus said he was God and had resurrected.

A religious Jew today would say the same thing:"It was a trick of the Devil".He is not going to give up his faith so easily.

Anonymous said...

David wood in woman clothes.

Eric said...

None of the prophets in OT ever taught that there will be a divine Messiah to be worshipped. Only God our creator is to be worshipped, only He is the Saviour as He himself declared in Isaiah 43:3.

Yahya Snow said...


Apologies. I misunderstood your statement. I'm not too sure why Sam accused you of badmouthing him on my blog.

As for the comments which went missing? Are these as a result of the comment section being closed?


Yahya Snow said...


PS the blog post has been amended to facilitate the new and roper understanding of your comment.


Anonymous said...

Muslims reject Sharia over throw Muslim brotherhood and President Morrisi to the cheers of Millions

Radical Moderate said...
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Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

Hello Yahya:

I don't know what went wrong regarding the comments,anyway the same message is in answeringmuslims.com,it makes no difference.I assume badwording is when you modify the original message to make it HARSHER,which is not the case.The truth is it is the first time I have heard that verb:"to badword".English is not my native language.

But to continue about God and his possible existence.

1.Gary Habermas is a Christian scholar who decided to find VERIFIABLE near-death experiences(when people are brain-dead).

2.In 10 years he gathered 100 verified cases,signed by doctors.

3.A verifiable case is when you are brain-dead in a hospital and your being leaves your body and you see a car accident 2 blocks away,and when you wake up you give alot of details.And they coincide with a police report.


1.He is a professor who is against it all.There is a PEER-REVIEWED journal of ND experiences called the "Journal of Near Death Studies".Augustine wrote an article for the summer 2007 issue where he discussed cases,and said it was no evidence.

2.However other top NDE researchers wrote THEIR evaluation of Augustine's article and they said it was not a good response.

3.Habermas and Augustine had a 60 min debate on it all and Habermas has said publicly that after it Augustine conceded Habermas was right.

You can go to youtube,write "Arif Ahmed vs Gary Habermas,debate".Ahmed is an atheist,and at minute 49 Habermas says the info I have said.

In other words there is EMPIRICAL evidence that your being exists after you die.Habermas is careful to say it does NOT mean which religion is true,or that there is a God,or that the soul is immortal.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:


He was a British philosopher who said that if you find a WATCH in a field nobody says it came into existence by itself,it had a creator,a watchmaker.
So creation showed a creator,God.


He is a brilliant Christian scientist and he says that even if the parallel and multiverse theory is true then it simply moves everything to a NEW LEVEL.

Since we have a universe-producing factory that is complicated(like a watch) then who created the factory,how could it form by itself?


Since in the parallel universe theory any combination is possible then of course a world like heaven and like hell would exist.It can't be denied.

The empirical evidence by Habermas would show the existence of such a parallel world,with other laws different from ours.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. This minoria guy is always all over the place and rarely on topic. It's like he is in his own little world.

Yahya Snow said...


Please try to be honest.

My comment rebuking the two shamed Christian missionaries were based on the thought they had removed criticism from their CO-RELIGIONIST

That cannot equate with my removal of your spam and off-topic comments

I ask you not to comment on this blog again till you have a change in attitude

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

To Anonymous:

I don't know if you are a theist or atheist but I doubt you had ever heard some of the information I gave about why God probably exists.If you are a theist why should you believe?And if you are an atheist,do you think the evidence is really against a God?

Most people don't care either way,if there is a God and heaven they will enter somehow,and if there isn't it is ok.And even if they are offered a book on the best arguments in favor and against they will not read it,or only a little.They don't care.I think it is an emotional thing,from an intellectual viewpoint it really does matter.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

I think it is 90% probable God exists,whatever type of God there is,I say if(as several prominent atheists claim that there is good enough evidence)that there is a universe-producing factory then for them it is the STEADY STATE theory,the universe has always existed,there is no God and so going to a mosque or church is being crazy.If anonymous is a theist then its best to abandon religion now.

Or one could say it is like the watch/watchmaker analogy of Paley,it shows a creator.


I say it shows a creator because the mathematical odds against life in our universe and planet are so astonishing high,that mathematically speaking all scientists agree that life should NEVER have appeared.Atheist scientists admit life should never have appeared.

1.That points to a creator who began it and everything else proceeded.

2.Then in the same way that same creator could have created the universe-producing factory,he would be the watchmaker who made the watch.

Radical Moderate said...

Minora I knew there was a reason I ignored you.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

Now that a person knows why a God probably exists one can concentrate of WHAT kind of God,the Christian,Muslim,Jewish one,etc.Has God given a message to us?

I know Paul Williams of MDI was supposed to debate RICHARD SWINBURNE,the best Christian philosopher in Europe,in October 2010 about the identity of Jesus.I don't know if it happened,I have looked for it but nothing.

Since one can be more than less sure a God exists(plus Habermas' empirical evidence of there being life outside of your body,one being dead,and then becoming alive again(a kind of RESURRECTION))

it is not stupid to ask,like Swinburne did,what is the PROBABILITY that Jesus resurrected?

RICHARD SWINEBURNE wrote “The Resurrection of God Incarnate”in 2003.

He shows the mathematical calculations he used to be able to use BAYE’S THEOREM(it’s a complicated equation used to calculate probabilities).


First,the 4 gospel accounts constituted ONLY 5% of the evidence.

1.He put the probability of the EXISTENCE of GOD=50%.

2.If God exists then the probability he became incarnate=50%.

3.Probability the 4 gospels would report the life and resurrection of Jesus accurately=10%.

4.A 1 in 1000 the probability we would have all this evidence if it was NOT true.
So in spite of all that he got:the probability that God resurrected Jesus from the dead=97%.

Radical Moderate said...


You said

"I think it is 90% probable God exists"

Let me know when you get to 100 percent

Anonymous said...

Hello RM

If you want to ignore me that is alright with me but you should not ignore the ideas of Habermas,Robin Collins,Swinburne and others.They are easy to grasp.However if you think their work is irrelevant,and sooner or later they will be used by Christian debaters,then why should trying to convince Muslims that Muhammad is not in the Bible,for example,have any importance?Let them believe what they want.Do Jews have debates with Muslims that Muhammad is not in the OT?Do Hindus care if Jesus said or didn't say he was God?No.
David,James White,and Sam are,from that viewpoint,wasting their time and money.

Anonymous said...

Hello RM:

You said:

""I think it is 90% probable God exists"

Let me know when you get to 100 percent."


There is the concept of FAITH.You cannot be 100% sure there is a God,then:

1.There would be no need for faith.

2.And FREE WILL would NOT exist.Everybody would be forced to accept that God exists,like all accept we need water and food to live.

I know HEBREWS 11:6 says:

"Without faith it is impossible to please God."


1.He said God gave enough evidence so that those who really looked for him would find him.

2.And at the same time God hid enough evidence so that those who don't care about if there is a God,will not find him,will find enough reason not to believe.

Now that is the essence of FREE WILL and faith.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

To clarify it was I who wrote the comment about Pascal and his concept of the "Hiddeness of God"