Friday, 12 July 2013

My Favourite Dua - Nouman Ali Khan

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Anonymous said...

1.prayers in islam are in arabic old arabic even!
3.god cannot understand other languages?
4. god is still stuck in the 7th century?

Yahya Snow said...

You can supplicate to God in your own language

There are many prayes in the Quran, the Quran is in Arabic. Thus people use these prayers in their daily lives and yes, they are said in Arabic. We have no problem with this.

The truth is, Christians have Bibles translated in many languages but there will be words in the Bible which have multiple meanings and translations cannot do such Biblical verses justice.

PS Would a Christian not want to say the exact words that they believe Jesus said (in the )language that these words were said?

I think he/she would want that. That means saying those words in the language Jesus spoke (NOT ENGLISH). So what language did Jesus speak? Scholars would say Aramaic.

Even your Greek NT are supposed translations of what you allege Jesus said in Aramaic.

You people by your own admission will acknowledge that you do not even have Jesus' words in Aramaic.

Thus I conclude that the Christian apologist argument of Muslim prayers being in classical Arabic (though we also supplicate in our primary languages) is something borne our of jealousy. You people don't have the words (you allege Jesus said) in Aramaic though in your heart of hearts you would want them.

Stop with the jealousy.

We as Muslims, enjoy praying in Arabic. The beauty of classical Arabic, the sound and the spiritual feeling we get from our prayers are something that you have not experienced.

Please don't criticise us for something you do not understand nor relate to.

We have something better than the Christians.


Anonymous said...
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