Thursday, 25 July 2013

'Scholars confident on over 90% of the New Testament'

Unauthorised and anonymous people wrote the collection of books we now know as the New Testament. Jesus (p) never saw the New Testament that Christians preach today. The question of whether they have the New Testament in its unadulterated form becomes somewhat academic in theological circles (i.e. in the theological circles of those who care about the teachings of Jesus (p)) as there is no evidence that the writers of the New Testament are people who were sanctioned by Jesus (p)

Here is a retort by Paul Williams of bloggingtheology to a Christian who was proclaiming that scholars are confident that they have over 90% of the original NT.

Note: this is a post for those who want to think.

The Truth About 1 Timothy 3 16   Exploring Life, The Universe and Everything

The Truth About 1 Timothy 3 16   Exploring Life, The Universe and Everything (1)

Screenshots sourced from Ijaz Ahmed's CallingChristian site:


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Anonymous said...

The figure given by Ron is much lower than what textual scholars say. Williams should know that. So the joke is on him.

Anonymous said...

Radical moderate is a hater

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Radical Moderate said...

As compared to scholars are confident that they have 0.00000 percent of the Islamic Ingeel and or Islamic Torat.

So just so you all understand.

0.0000% is much much much < 90%