Thursday, 4 July 2013

Radical Moderate - Sincere Advice

I urge you to stop commenting on this blog unless you change your attitude.

I understand you are very much part of the anti-Muslim sentiment on the net. You abuse Muslims and Islam.You offer nothing of apologetic value and you seem to be a man of much negativity.

You may well be stung by the refutations and critiques on this blog (and elsewhere) of your leaders. Stop being a fan boy. You are a grown man.

I urge you to rethink. Do your OWN research rather than following the nonsense of some anti-Muslim Christian-missionary.

Think for yourself. Stop being a supporter for people who are making cash out of their internet hate-activities.

Stop wasting your life.

I urge you to view ALL of Abdur-Raheem Green's presentations on the evidences for Islam, I think there are 15 parts, here is the first part: