Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ergun Caner Trying to Scrub the Record

Ergun Caner, the highest profiled Christian evangelical liar about Islam is back in the news. Ergun Caner has hired a lawyer in order to remove some of the evidence that has damaged his career and reputation. I guess he wants to get a job similar to the one which he had prior to the scandals which saw Ergun Caner exposed as a deceiver.

I'm not too sure about the videos which Jason Smathers is featuring but if he is simply posting them 'under fair use' (i.e. for commentary etc) then he is fine but the dispute here seems to be regarding who owns the copyright. It doesn't seem Ergun Caner owns the copyright any way!

In 2009, Christian blogger Jason Smathers published a series of posts on his Witnesses Unto Me blog that revealed discrepancies in the testimony and stories told by popular evangelical speaker Ergun Caner. In his public speaking engagements, Caner declared that he was raised overseas and was trained in jihad before moving to America as a teenager and coming to Christ at 18. Smathers, however, discovered evidence to the contrary. Associated Baptist Press (ABP) reports:
Smathers tracked down legal documents showing that Caner, author of books including Unveiling Islam who told the conversion story in numerous venues including the Southern Baptist Convention, emigrated to the United States with his family at age 2 and grew up in Ohio in custody of his Lutheran mother after his parents’ divorce. . . .
Court documents copied and posted online by Witnesses Unto Me indicate that Caner’s parents were married in Sweden and had lived in Ohio six years by the time Caner was 8. A 1978 divorce decree awarded custody of their three minor children to the mother and visitation rights to the father.
One of the videos posted by the blogger showed Caner “conducting two training sessions on cultural issues for United States Marines in New River, N.C., before they were deployed in 2005.” In the video, Caner claimed the following:
“I knew nothing about America until I came here when I was 14 years old,” he said. “Everything I knew about American culture I learned through American television. . . .”
“My madrassa (Muslim school) in Istanbul, Turkey; my madrassa in Cairo, Egypt, there’s no question of what the doctrine of jihad was,” he continued. “It is only when we come to America and hear westernized Islam we hear that ‘Oh, Islam means peace.’”
“I was sworn to jihad,” Caner told the Marines. “At the age of 9 until I was 18 years old and I became a believer in Jesus Christ, I was sworn to jihad. I followed the protocols. I knew the three waves. I understood what you do before you take the death plunge, as we call it.”
Now a Texas attorney is claiming that Caner has ownership of those videos, and has brought charges of copyright infringement upon Smathers. According to ABP,
Smathers said he obtained the video from the Marines and that any attorney practicing in copyright law would know that his client does not own U.S. government work. He accused the lawyer of abusing the law in an attempt to erase past lies, and said he had filed a grievance with the Texas State Bar Association. Source
Witnesses Unto Me provides its own commentary on this latest activity, noting that
Bloggers have been reporting that Caner has been asserting copyright claims on any video where he lied about his past having them removed via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). . . .
The DMCA requires that videos be restored after ten days if a proper counter-notification is sent. Witnesses Unto Me filed such a notice, and these videos should be restored at the end of the ten-day wait unless Caner chooses to file a lawsuit, which could keep them offline longer. In the meantime, the videos have been reposted on YouTube.
Caner’s contract as dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary was not renewed in 2010, following an investigation that concluded that he had made “factual statements that are self-contradictory.” In 2011, he “became provost and vice president of academic affairs at Arlington Baptist College, a Texas school aligned with the World Baptist Fellowship.”




Anonymous said...

From Minoria,

A great disappointment really,for Caner to have been a deceiver all along.Jesus said there would be "wolves in sheep's clothing".

Other cases(the evidence is there) are those of Joseph Smith,founder of the Mormons,and also that of the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

1.Jesus,according to non-Christians,falls into the category of the sincere man who thought he was a prophet,but was a false prophet.It is because of the "this generation" phrase,saying it would see his second coming.

2.There is no doubt he said(unless you believe Jesus never existed).The documentary evidence and historical method show it.Muslim debaters also point to it as proof the Bible is false.


1.In Islam Jesus is a prophet who is coming again.It is in the hadiths.

2.The Koran says he would never have said anything Allah didn't want him to.

3.Would Allah have let him say a false prophecy about WHEN his second coming would be?

4.A Muslim could say a prophet does not have to be 100% accurate,he can say it will rain tomorrow and be wrong.
But we are talking about a MAJOR EVENT in Islam,Jesus' second coming.In fact,he is supposed to join the MAHDI and the 2 will spread Islam in the world.

5.Accepting Jesus was a failed prophet about his second coming means Islam is false.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

JOHN LOFTUS(atheist,ex-Christian)in his "The Christian Delusion",chapter 12,argues against the "solution" offered by famous Christian scholar N.T. WRIGHT in his "Jesus and the Victory of God",saying it is wrong.

N.T. Wright says the prophecy and its details are merely metaphorical and the second coming was really Jesus entering the presence of God after death.

That goes against all the understanding of the early Christians who took it literally:Papias,Justin Martyr,Ireneus,Tertullian,the Montanists and Lactantius.


In a debate Shabir(who is not stupid) said that the evidence is Jesus said it,but because of his Islamic belief he would have to say Jesus did not say it but that it was attributed to him early,how,it is not known.Shabir knows it means Islam is false also.It was also the reason given by Paul Williams as to why Christianity is false(in his debate with Nabeel Qureshi),obviously not seeing how it affects Islam.

Now,others have examined it also and they have come up with a good explanation that involves:

The year 30 AD as the year of Jesus' death(date accepted by most scholars),the number 40(a Biblical generation is 40 years),that Jesus in Q(written in 50 AD)puts as a condition for his 2nd coming that the people of Jerusalem should accept him first,plus that the Temple would be destroyed,that the 2 Talmuds(Babylonian and Palestinian) say that for 40 years(from 30 AD to 70 AD) before the destruction of the Temple the Yom Kippur sacrifice for the sins of the Jewish people had been rejected by God,etc.

Those ideas are not my own,but others have offered them,there are here,which you can translate with Google Translate:

Sam said...
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Yahya Snow said...


Post that again without the insults.

I can tell you that post does not refute Ijaz. I have been in email contact with him and he has inside information.

So Sam, my most recent post will remain up.

Can you provide anything that counters it? If you can send it to me via email (REMAIN CALM and REFRAN FROM ABUSE).

Sam, do you see how troubled you are in your internet activities. You make your living from this yet even Christians don't respect you. I'm not saying ths to hurt you but to encourage you to a better way.

Sam, Jesus worshipped God. We can both agree on this. You should do this tonight. Remove the hatred for Islam and just focus on following the monotheism of the Prophets (pbut).

Think about it.

Sam, if you have any issues please email me. We can talk privately.