Friday, 6 March 2015

A Response to Adam Deen Re Cage and 'Jihadi John'

Here's a comment from a commentator on Adam's blog, in response to Adam Deen's MY THOUGHTS ON CAGE’S RECENT PRESS CONFERENCE ON THE UNVEILING OF ‘JIHADI JOHN’

Note, he is referring to Emwazi when he writes 'Emzani'

I see the intent behind your post, but the crux of your argument right here:

“Prior to this in 2009 Emwazi travelled to Tanzania with others, he claimed they were holidaying and going on a safari. However, MI5 were monitoring the group and had reason to believe that they intended to travel on to Somalia, possibly joining Al-Shabaab – an extremist organization and jihadist group that had orchestrated terrorist attacks in Somalia. Emwazi wasn’t, therefore, simply an innocent safari enthusiast, but someone suspected of joining a terrorist organisation. One could argue that the evidence MI5 had was spurious and their actions were too quick to brand Emwazi as a threat; but given that Emwazi did actually end up becoming a terrorist, doesn’t that prove that the intelligence services were right in pursing Emwazi? Qureshi would say disagree, because in his view it was the “harassment” that was the cause of radicalisation.

is fallacious because it rests on the premise that Emzani went to Tanzania ‘in order to join AL Shabab, and that the British intelligence services knew that and were therefore justified in investigating him.

In that, you do make the choice to believe, without cause really, that Emzani lied and that the British intel was legitimate. Based on the history of the British, and US intel services, in accusing innocent muslims of nefarious intent and using it to justify long lasting harassment and mistreatment (CIA black sites, Guantanamo…), that is rather disturbing.

Everything else you offer, whether the extremist religious climate at the university or Tim or Eichmann are ‘unacceptable parables and are rather dangerous.

It is obvious that Emzani’s joining ISL was in reaction to the harassment he experienced. He was never justified in doing what he did, if indeed he is Jihadi John. And it is apparent to most that his driving factor was less religious and more emotional. His fellow ISL members have said he would not join them in prayers.

I did not know about CAGE before this issue but they have earned my respect with their handling of the matter.

They were there from the start, and witnessed both the harassment Emzani experienced and the unhinging that resulted from it. They have called attention to it ‘for a long time and tried to take steps to alleviate it.

They are not excusing what Emzani did, but they are speaking in retrospect , as witnesses and warners that this harassment is not going to end well, and now they are saying, we told you that in any case where one is treated the way you were treating this man, only bad things happen, so assume you responsibility.

So whatever Jihadi John did is his own responsibility, but everyone has to take responsibility for every step we took or did not take to enable/ drive him to this. Most of us would be tempted to lash out at any system that harasses us daily and controlled our lives and dreams. May we never find ourselves in his shoes.

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