Sunday, 22 March 2015

Shamoun flying to moderate a stay at home Sam

This is silly, he's flying in to try and moderate a debate between Matt Slick and Shadid Lewis.

He's got a phobia of flying:

 as well as for me to be able to fly on the plane both to the event and back. As you know by now, I suffer from a sever phobia of being locked in places,

Just stay at home. Why is he even going through all this hassle just to have his face in the spotlight for a few moments? Look, you're not respected enough to be considered for a debate by most Muslim apologists. Just give it up Sam, your career's over...stop trying o worm yourself back in. This is not 1995.

Abusing Muslims and acting like an utter delinquent on the internet has caught up with you.

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