Sunday, 15 March 2015

Books by Sam Shamoun and David Wood, where are they? $$$ £££

This is silly. Sam Shamoun's partner in Islamophobia was asking for cash in 2013 to write 'books' criticising Islam. Where are these books? It's been about 2 years...yet I don't know of any books written by these amateurs.

Does anybody know where Sam Shamoun and David Wood's books are?

Just to reiterate, these Islamophobes have absolutely no qualifications in the study of Islam, they have spewed a series of blunders and bouts of ignorance when taking about Islam in the past...yet they want people to pay them to write books about Islam? Are they having a laugh?

Is this some sort of scam? A racket? Is it an Islamophobe racket???

Sam Shamoun and David Wood Wanting Cash to write books

Get jobs guys. Return the cash you received. Rather than trying to write books about Islam, try reading them.

The most annoying ignorant people are those who are even ignorant of their own ignorance.

David Wood section

Sam Shamoun section

Is David Wood of Answering Muslims the Most Ignorant Paid Islamophobe?

Islamophobes: Think Before you Quote from Tareekh al Tabari

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