Wednesday, 25 March 2015

More Rubbish From Dr Nabeel Qureshi's Friend

One way of telling if somebody has studied Islam is by listening to them. If you listen to Nabeel Qureshi's buddy you can tell this man really has not studied Islam properly. Perhaps some of the Christian fundamentalists welcome the low-level internet apologetics Nabeel Qureshi's associates propagate but for those who value accuracy and intellectual honesty this type of misinformation is unacceptable. When are Christian apologetics organisations going to publicly attempt to address the shed-loads of misinformation their students and followers present about Islam. Misinformation and dishonesty may trick a few people into churches but at the same time it will alienate more people from churches and Christian preachers.

I'm aware Dr Nabeel Qureshi is set to debate Dr Shabir Ally shortly. Nabeel will be seen as a laughing stock if he presents the type of material his friend just presented.

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