Friday, 20 March 2015

Are Muslim Men Stopping Jewish Women From Driving? Or Are Jewish Men Stopping Them?

Jewish Women Not Allowed to Drive in America by the Jewish Community!

Well, have you heard Fox News or any of the right wing Zionists mentioning this? If Muslim women were not allowed to drive in Dearborn by conservative Muslim men you know the Islamophobic bigots would be out on mass.

Remember this is America. Not Israel or Saudi Arabia. Jewish women are not allowed to drive by Jewish men. I repeat Jewish women aren't allowed to drive by Jewish men!!!

Is anybody talking about sending the US army into Kiryas Joel to 'liberate' the Jewish women? Is anybody from the right wing demonising these Jews? Is this even making television news?

We all know it would be major news if Muslim men in America were stopping Jewish or Muslims women from driving. Why the imbalance in reporting?

I would like to know if this is a teaching this Jewish group got from the Bible or whether this is just one of their customs

Frimet Goldberger grew up in Kiryas Joel, New York, an ultra-Orthodox Satmar Hasidic community about an hour's drive northwest of New York City. An overwhelming majority of the village’s 22,000 residents live below the federal poverty threshold, according to The New York Times. Most of the men devote their lives to studying the Torah, while the women marry young and have large families (the town's median household size is almost six people, the highest in the country). The custom is for women to stay home to take care of the family as full-time homemakers.

And they aren’t allowed to drive.

In fact, women who get behind the wheel in Kiryas Joel risk being shunned and having their children taken out of school. They can’t be jailed for the act, but they may be socially ostracized -- or even expelled from the community they’ve grown up in, Goldberger recently wrote for
Public Radio International. HuffPost

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