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Hadith, why Prophet Muhmmad did not marry Hamza's daughter

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 37:
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: It was said to the Prophet, "Won't you marry the daughter of Hamza?" He said, "She is my foster niece (brother's daughter). "

Some bigots are trying to claim that Prophet Muhammad (p) was inconsistent in marrying the daughter of Abu Bakr (Aisha) while refusing to marry the daughter of Hamza.

However, the Islamophobic bigots would do well to know that Abu Bakr was not the foster brother (through suckling) of Prophet Muhammad (p) while Hamza was a foster brother (through suckling) of Prophet Muhammad (p). Thus Hamza's daughter was the foster niece of Prophet Muhammad (p) while Abu Bakr's daughter (Aisha) was not.

The reason why the Prophet (p) did not marry Hamza's daughter is simply in the Hadith itself - she was his foster niece.

Here's a bit of information from Abu Tariq Hijazi about foster relations through suckling

Islam develops cohesion in society for the general benefit of the mankind. It promotes strong bonds between parents and the children. It expands relationship to even the wet nurses, serving the infants. If a child is reared and suckled by a woman other than the real mother, she is accorded the status of an additional mother called Umm Ridah (foster mother, or milk mother); her husband is treated as the father of the child, and her children real brothers and sisters prohibiting marriages with them. Thus, a woman who nurses a child (more than five times before the age of two years), becomes mother by milk-relation with special rights under Islamic law. The suckled child is considered as a full sibling to the foster-mother’s other children, and as mahram to the woman. No other religion accords such a status to the suckling mothers.

Here's a list of Prophet Muhammad's foster siblings from (notice that
Hamza is on the list and Abu Bakr is not):

The Prophet’s Foster Siblings

The names of the Prophet Muhammad’s foster siblings were as follows:

Hamza, Abu Salama ibn Abdil Asad al-Mahzumi, Abdullah ibn Jahsh, Masruh, Abu Sufyan, Shayma bint Harith, Abdullah ibn Harith, Unaysa bint Harith.

Hamza: One of the uncles of God’s Messenger, Hamza was breastfed by Lady Suwayba before the Prophet.

Abu Salama ibn Abdil Asad al-Mahzumi: Breastfed by Lady Suwayba, Abu Salama was one of the first Companions to accept Islam.

Abdullah ibn Jahsh: Also breastfed by lady Suwayba.

Masruh: Son of Abu Lahab’s handmaiden lady Suwayba. His mother breasfed him during the same period as the Prophet.

Abu Sufyan: The Abu Sufyan in question is not the father of the Prophet’s wife Umm Habiba, but Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith ibn ‘Abdul-Muttalib, the Prophet’s paternal cousin.

Unaysa bint Harith: Daughter of Harith ibn Abdul ‘Uzza and Halima Sa’diya.

Abdullah ibn Harith: Son of Harith ibn Abdil ‘Uzza and the Prophet’s wetnurse Halima Sa’diya. He was nourished with his mother's milk during the same period as the Prophet.

Shayma bint Harith: Member of the Banu Sad ibn Bakr clan of the Hawazin tribe. Her real name was Huzafa with Shayma being a nickname. She became renowned through the name Shayma, meaning ‘to have a beauty spot.’ Her father’s name was Harith ibn Abdil ‘Uzza and her mother was the Prophet’s wetnurse Halima Sa’diya.

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