Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sam Shamoun, You're a Middle Aged Man - No More Slime Comments Please

Not too sure why this middle-aged man drops unwanted comments calling people 'slime'. What puzzles me even more is why none of his buddies in the Christian online apologetics community have not tapped him on the shoulder and told him to quit embarrassing himself and Christian apologetics.

Sam, you may want to watch this video which captures the sentiment Muslims have for you and your brand of apologetics. No reputed Muslim apologist takes you seriously. Yusuf Ismail thinks you're a nutcase. Show me a Muslim who does not think there's a disconnect between you and normal decorum. Think about're really showing Christian apologetics up

We also know that David Wood's friend, a professional in psychology, has said this about Sam Shamoun in the past:

Sam is straight bi-polar with narcissistic personality traits.

Yusuf Ismail talks about Sam Shamoun with a bit of James White in there. Video by Darkness2Noor showing Sam Shamoun to lack basic respect

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