Sunday, 15 March 2015

Deceiver: Abul Taher of the Daily Mail

Only Ignorant People Will Believe Moazzam Begg Trained Jihadi John

Abul Taher of the Mail on Sunday is exposed. This man throws accuracy and good journalistic standards away just to smear Moazzam Begg with a ridiculous suggestion that he trained Jihadi John (Mohammed Emzawi).

How this 'journalist' can present this shoddy material with a straight face is beyond me. I call Abul Taher of the MoS to a public apology. Come clean Abul Taher, have some dignity.

Abul Taher and the Mail on Sunday have well and truly been exposed for their misguided, deceptive and insulting hit piece on Moazzam Begg

MPACUK's Raza Nadim and Asghar Bukhari Expose Abul Taher's Nonsense in the Mail on Sunday about Moazzam Begg Training Jihadi John

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