Sunday, 15 March 2015

Muslim Scholar on Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

Once upon a time, the Muslim world was known as being the most tolerant of other faiths, and Jews and Christians would be free to practice their faith and protected in their right to do so. Many thinkers and philosophers of the European Enlightenment, such as John Locke, commented on the fact that there was more religious freedom in Muslim lands than in European ones. There have been multiple occasions in our history where Jews, having been persecuted by Christians, were welcomed in Muslim lands and allowed to settle and practice their faith (for example, the Spanish Inquisitions of 1492 onwards forced many Jews to re-settle in Morocco and N. Africa).

Fast forward to modern times, and it is sad to see that now the opposite has become the norm. Religious persecution is common-place in our lands. Just today, ten people have been killed in a vicious and dastardly bomb-attach on a church in Pakistan (

Why is this happening? How do we explain this radical 180 degree change, where Europe and America are (generally speaking) more tolerant of faiths than many Muslim lands? It is true that Islamophobia is rising in the West, but still, as any who live here can attest to, a Muslim can by and large go about his daily life without threat of being killed or bombed or physically attacked. The same cannot be said of some Muslim lands, where minorities ARE in fear of such attacks. Why? I have my theories, but would like to hear some of your thoughts as well. Share your ideas below..

Taken from Dr Yasir Qadhi's FaceBook

My personal view on how come persecution of Pakistani Christians and other minorities in certain parts of the Muslim world has come; ignorance and a misguided reaction to colonialism.

Education is the key. Educate the Muslims in Pakistan about Islam and then there is less persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Islamic education is key!

Two bomb blasts have killed at least 14 people near two churches in a Christian neighbourhood of the Pakistani city of Lahore, local officials say. More than 70 people were hurt in the explosions, which targeted worshippers attending Sunday mass at the churches in the Youhanabad area. BBC News

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