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Scorpions and Soviets in Afghanistan

By Mufti Rafi Uthmani

snakes_scorpionsThe mujahideen told us that Afghanistan’s deadly animals like snakes, scorpions, man-eating beasts etc did not harm the mujahideen although they lived in mountains and woods. But many soldiers of the enemy fell victim to them. When I asked him, Mawlana Sayfullah Akhtar said, “This is very true. It happened with me too at Khawst in 1983. I was in my trench in a mountain with the anti aircraft guns. I did not get enough chance to sleep because of the enemy’s aerial attacks. One night I lied down but soon felt something at my feet and suddenly it was like the prickling of a thorn. I saw with the torch that a scorpion was running away. I killed it. I felt a little pain on touching the place and feared that the poison might spread but relying on Allah I made a supplication and slept. I had a sound sleep and woke up in the morning. There was a small pimple there but no pain.”

Mawlana Abdus Samad Siyal related to me more strange event when I met him after the hourney. He said, “In 1986 out centre was at Khargash near Urghun. One night I returned after war activities and slept in my sleeping bag. All night I felt itching and movement on my body but I was so tired and sleepy that I did not pay attention to it. In the morning I opened the sleeping bag to examine it. A large scorpion ran from it and I killed it. It had not even stung me all night though it was bound into the sleeping bag. I was not much surprised at this because such things were already well-known here. More strange events, Allah’s unseen help, were seen day by day.”

Mawlana Abdus Samad Siyal also related another incident, “There was a centre of the mujahideen in Gurdez near the post of the enemy. They had set up a trench on the peak of a nearby mountain and four mujahideen were appointed over it. They kept a dutiful eye on the enemy and subdued every action against the centre. The enemy took steps to eliminate them and take over their base. One night these mujahideen heard sounds of boots below them on the side of the mountain. They were getting down to check the source when they heard shrieks and people running. They ran to the place and found (in the torch light) about fifteen Communist soldiers lying down. Many of them had died and some were gasping for breath. They called for more mujahideen from the centre and on examining the area they found many scorpions near the dead soldiers. The scorpions went away into stones on seeing the mujahideen. This is how Allah protected the four mujahideen from the soldiers in the night, fifteen of whom died. The remaining fled.”

The Afghan mujahideen had related this account to Mawlana Abdus Samad Siyal.

(Jihad in Afghanistan, page 151-153)

Taken from: http://www.peopleofsunnah.com/history/islamic-history/114-snakesscorpionsmiracle.html

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