Sunday, 8 March 2015

British Muslim Message to Jokowi and Concern For Poor Indonesian Women Becoming Prostitutes

I understand why Jokowi wants to put an end to Indonesians working abroad as domestic workers (maids) but the concern should also focus on what other means these women can earn an income. By removing an income from working abroad as maids the subsequent problem is the real fear that this will lead to an increase in the number of Indonesian women involved in prostitution (or related professions such as strippers and workers in the pornographic industry).

So the message is, it's great Jokowi cares about Indonesian women but there has to be a plan in place that does not push these women into the hands of harmful industries such as porn and prostitution.

It just shows how difficult running a country is. There are always knock-on effects of every decision.

JAKARTA — Indonesia President Joko Widodo is planning to prevent any more Indonesians from travelling abroad to make a living as domestic workers, asking the Manpower and Transmigration Ministry to draw up a roadmap for the plan. Today

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Anonymous said...

I dont think you actually understand why Tue man wants to stop Indonesian women from working as domestic workers because you seem unaware of what themaid has to put up with working for rich Arabs in Muslim soverign countries. Sex abuse, physical torture to mention a few. they can't always up and leave. Often their passport is with the employer and complaining will lead to nothing except more problems and withheld salery and extended stay seeing as Arabs are notorious for protecting thwi own locals ans migrant workers from countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc have no rights and are treated as second rate people. There is no union or any protection. Human eights are non existant in the Gulf so wealth does not equate to improvement at least in that area. And before you assume this is made up I can tell you these abusesare widely documented international human rights organizations. So he threat of prostitution is greater when these girls and women are sent abroad. Its sad that this is happening in rich Muslim countries. I know of incidents where a girl was hired by a family as a Maud and at night raped by the men I'd the house father and sons. They believed she was their slave and not just a maid in the British/western sense on a contract. They misuse the quranic verses on slaves in a timevwhere staff are free individuals on a work contract. Sex abuse is rampant and so the solution must be first to bar these women from going abroad seeing as human rights can not be forced through in the country they are due to work in. It ain't gonna happen. But the core issue is to create a way out of poverty and financial restrictions which makes these girls to abroad. Its not out if desire but need. A need Indonesia and others must address and find a lasting solution to. At least prostitution is on tour own term and you can say no. Try saying no in a Saudi mansion. I am not advocating peostituon as all qimen deserve a dignified life without feelingsng the need to sell their bodies. But yeah poverty leads you to do strange things. Poverty must end and Indonesia needs to end this ans enable women to work and make enough to make ends meet.