Sunday, 8 June 2014

More insecurity from Dave via email

More insecurity from Dave.
Dave, try getting a proper job to uplift your self-esteem. Only people with low self esteem pick on vulnerable targets Stop your hatred and stop trying to justify YOUR issues. I understand that you had a violent upbringing but stop taking that out on the easy target of Muslims. Yo have typical bully tendencies.
Oh and Dave, stop making out that I've been emailing you and that you needed to block me. It's silly chain emails that folk like Shamoun (and now Farhan) produce which lead to us emailing each other like this. I can;t recall contacting you via email directly. 
The sad thing is, you have no desire or ability for rational discourse. 
The money making game is getting harder. Less and less people are interested in giving cash to bash Muslims. Get a job dude
Negeen saw through your game.I salute her for that.
Farhan may well be right, you do hate me 

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