Sunday, 8 June 2014

Taliban Treat Prisoners Better than the US

The US torture their prisoners while the Taliban treat their prisoners well, giving them fresh fruit and playing soccer with them. Interesting. Just who exactly are the right wing portraying as savages?

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban said Friday that U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was treated well during the five years they held him captive and was even allowed to play soccer with the men holding him. The spokesman, Zaibullah Mujahid, told The Associated Press by telephone that Bergdahl was held under “good conditions,” and was given fresh fruit and any other foods he requested. “You can ask him in America about his life (in captivity). He will not complain,” Mujahid said.

Here's the type of sexual abuse that takes place in US custody in places such as Abu Ghraib:

Detainees in US custody in Abu Ghraib, Kandahar and Bagram (where many were taken to before Guantanamo) have reported being sodomised with broomsticks, a ‘chemical light’ or rifles. Other forms of sexual humiliation reported have been; parading men naked in front of female soldiers, forcing them to wear women’s underwear and dance with other men, forcing them to undress in front of female interrogators and guards, touching their genitals or provoking them in a ‘humiliating’ way and forcing them to watch pornography. Most detainees in U.S. custody have alleged that they were either raped, threatened with rape, or anally probed. Sexual violence is a war crime. Sexual humiliation is used to induce feelings of humiliation and fear.

For more on the types of torture the US has dished out to its prisoners:

A British woman, Yvonne Ridley was captured by the Taliban - she was treated well (no American style rape, torture and sexual degradation):

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

Invitation to Islam

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