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Reincarnation: Rapists and Rape Victims

Conversation with a Reincarnationist

There are a number of issues around the belief in reincarnation. Another issue of reincarnation is that of stigmatisation of rape victims.

I was recently communicating with a believer in reincarnation (a reincarnationist) and he was claiming rape victims could have been rapists, cheaters or womanizers 'in a previous life'

Well yeah rapists do come back as rape victims unless they repent. But it could be someone who is attached to lust, say a womanizer, cheater etc. so sexual misconduct in general could land one into a scenario of being a rape victim.

This must be a difficult belief for those who believe in reincarnation. This belief stigmatises the rape victim. It gets even more difficult as reincarnationists believe the person, in the majority of cases, does not even remember their 'past life' - so how can being raped be a lesson related to the person's 'past life'?

And what about child rape? Do they believe the child got raped because he/she was a rapist/womanizer/cheater in a 'past life'?

Furthermore, who do the believers in reincarnation (reincarnationists) believe decides who turns into what in their next life?

Reincarnation as a belief is all really vague and once you think deeply about it there are many difficulties around this belief.

The same believer in reincarnation also believes that the rape victim, if he/she does not forgive the rapist could end up as a rapist in their 'next life':

I forgot to mention that a rape victim who is unable to forgive her or his rape victim and is attached to the trauma could also come back as a rapist in order to learn how we all need forgiveness and love.

Islam's teachings about rape victims is that they are not at fault for the rape and nor are they punished for being raped. I recall reading one Islamic article in which spoke about rape victims and even mentioned that their emotional needs should be considered. The Muslim author was suggesting that the Muslim men should offer to marry her as to avoid the problem of stigmatisation. Reincarnationists would do well to ponder upon this fine advice.

Imam Suhaib Webb states rape is a crime and a sin in this admonition to men:

Men! No matter how fly you are, or pious, you do not have the right to take advantage of women, trick them into Motel Six marriages or inflict your ego onto their bodies. Know that God sees you, your hearts and what you souls have locked away. If you have these feelings, know that there are those willing to help you before you hurt others. Rape is a horrible crime; a horrible sin before God. You must honor the wombs that carried you

The belief of reincarnation is something which is stigmatising rape victims and levelling accusations of womanizing, cheating and even rape at them!

 I hope reincarnationists will think about this post. As Muslims it's our duty to oppose injustice. The belief of this reincarnationist is unjust and harmful. As Muslims we must oppose it.

I ask the reincarnationist to look into Islam.

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