Friday, 6 June 2014

Muslim arguments concerning the Song of Solomon 5:16

Christians have begun to respond to Muslim arguments concerning the Song of Solomon 5:16. I was sent an HOUR LONG video on this subject despite it only requiring 5 minutes to say what they wanted to say (i.e. the reference is an adjective)

The Song of Solomon is ripe for picking out allegorical meanings due to its very nature.Many Muslims present it as a direct reference to the Prophet Muhammad and the Christians simply respond by claiming it is an adjective (“full of sweetness”) rather than a name and thus the conversation ends. This is essentially what the Christian show claims; but it takes an hour to do so. There is a response BELOW the video

ABN's James White and Pastor Joseph on Song of Songs 15:6

Ali Ataie takes the conversation further

A few posts ago we unveiled Ali Ataie’s thoughts on the subject – thoughts which go further and keep the argument alive.

In order to respond and keep the discussion alive we shall present Ali Ataie’s defence of the claim. CHRISTIANS PLEASE LISTEN (only 3 mins in duration):

The Christian show fails

The Christians, in the video above, fail to mention the other uncanny resemblances to the Prophet Muhammad within the Song. They had long enough to look into the Song – one hour – for some reason they began speaking about Ahmed Deedat and Pakistan! Stay on topic folks.

Christians invited to think

I’d like to invite Christians to think about this further. You can also see our discussion with a Christian apologist on the internet related to Muhammad in John 1:1. He was struggling to remove ALL intimations of the Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel of John 1:19-21. EVEN Christians began questioning him. Clearly there is something in this pericope involving John the Baptist.

Jesus has Muslim brothers and sisters

Why do you believe in the incarnation?

Do you believe in Original sin?

Come to Islam today:


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