Thursday, 5 June 2014

Torture of Hizb ut Tahrir Members and Activists by the Government of Bangladesh

Hizb ut Tahrir draws the attention of all human rights organizations based in Bangladesh and internationally, as well as the civil society in Bangladesh to the torture of the party’s members and activists by the Government of Bangladesh (GOB); and calls upon the responsible executives and members of the human rights community, and the civil society to take up the issue with the GOB, pressing upon them the urgency of refraining from all forms of torture.

The current GOB resorted to a policy of repression against Hizb ut Tahrir since February 2009, when the party exposed Sheikh Hasina and her government’s collaboration in the massacre of officers of the Muslim Army of Bangladesh. Party members and activists are regularly harassed and arrested. Whenever the party undertakes political activities to expose the government’s failures and crimes against the people, members and activists of the party are attacked by the police and arrested.
In the past five years, hundreds of party members and activists have been imprisoned under false cases. The arrested party members and activists are left to languish in the prisons of tyrant Hasina for months without bail despite plain and unambiguous grounds for granting them bail.

In recent weeks, thirty of these members and activists have been shackled and kept under 24 lock up in their cells. They are forced to eat, sleep, make ablution and pray while their hands and feet are tied in chains. This is despite the fact that there is not a single accusation against them of breaking prison rules or any misbehaviour, nor have they been convicted or sentenced. These sincere Muslims are a model of high standards of conduct for other prisoners. On the other hand, murderers and violent criminals walk freely and carry out mischief in the same prisons much like the way the Hasina government and the Awami thugs are causing mayhem and mischief outside of the prisons.

Names of the Torture Victims

1. Sadikur Rahman Sadi (age 28), in Kashimpur 1 Prison
2. Ashraful Karim Rakib (24), Kashimpur 1
3. Shaker Ahmed (31), Kashimpur 1
4. Kutubuddin Mamun (36), Kashimpur 1
5. Mohammad Akter (25), Kashimpur 1
6. Hafez Ataur Rahman (18), Kashimpur 2
7. Hafez Mohammad Ibrahim Sheikh (20), Kashimpur 2
8. Hafez Rashedul Islam (18), Kashimpur 2
9. Amir Hamza (24), Kashimpur 2
10. Abdul Qaium (21), Kashimpur 2
11. Mahbubur Rahman (24), Kashimpur 2
12. Mohammad Saifullah (24), Kashimpur 2
13. Mohammad Al Amin (20), Kashimpur 2
14. Mohammad Jihad Islam (21), Kashimpur 2
15. Mohammad Baki Billah (28), Kashimpur 2
16. Mohammad Jaane Alam Rubel (30), Kashimpur 2
17. Delwar Hossain (25), Kashimpur 2
18. Mohammad Shah Alif (27), Kashimpur 2
19. Mohammad Sohan Hafiz (32), Kashimpur 2
20. Ashraful Alam Mishu (26), Kashimpur 2
21. Ahmed Nizam (26), Kashimpur 2
22. Shakawat Hossain Rifat Rabbi (26), Kashimpur 2
23. Mohammad Salman (24), Kashimpur 2
24. Arafat Islam (23), Kashimpur 2
25. Nurul Amin Arif (22), Kashimpur 4
26. Mohammad Faisal (24), Kashimpur 4
27. Mohammad Mamun (25), Kashimpur 4
28. Iftekar Uddin Rumi (34), Chittagong Central Prison
29. Farhad Alam (25), Chittagong Central Prison
30. Khondokar Nasibur Rahman (31), Sylhet Central Prison

Hizb ut Tahrir urges all human rights and civil society organizations, as well as the sincere individuals from the human rights community and civil society to fulfill their duty of defending all prisoners of conscience by insisting that the GOB ceases the torture of the members and activists of the party by unshackling them and releasing them immediately.
Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Bangladesh


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