Monday, 9 February 2015

Christians Who Reject Parts of the Bible - Are Not Christians According to Augustine

You know, here, I can understand where Christians are coming from. It's about consistency. If somebody says they are a Muslim then they must believe in the whole religion, not select bits to believe and bits to reject according to what they desire.

Interestingly enough, despite being swamped by Christian liberals, traditional Christianity followed the same route in taking a religion as a whole. Augustine likens the liberals who reject parts of the 'Gospel' as people who disbelieve in the 'Gospel'.

Christian apologist, Anthony Rogers comments:

I recently witnessed a man tell another person to reject any part of the Bible he doesn't like instead of denying God or the gospel. This person gushed all over him and told him what a nice person he was for telling him this. Unsurprisingly, and lamentably, this was very flattering to his false sense of autonomy. However, if you accept what you like and reject whatever you don't like in God's Word, you have, in principle, already, and by that very act, rejected God as God and have made yourself out to be god instead. As Augustine said: "You ought to say plainly that you do not believe the gospel of Christ. For to believe what you please, and not to believe what you please, is to believe yourselves, and not the gospel." (_Contra Faustum_, XVII, 3) [From Anthony Rogers' FB]

This all ties in with Muslim frustrations in discussions with Christians. Once a Bible passage is cited, the Christian may not seem to care thus making it difficult to have a discussion and come to some common terms with these liberal Christians. Here are a couple of comments which touch on such frustrations:

Mohammad Mohammadi Kurdi 6 days ago
To be honest brother the Christians will not give a flying jam sandwich if we quote from the bible, because majority of Christian don't even care any more. What is truth and what is wrong. So how can we ague with them if they do not know basic manners to form a proper debate. 

Mikhail Gordon
6 days ago
+Mohammad Mohammadi Kurdi I understand Aki... it's quite a quagmire we are in as far as debating based on source materials and coming to common terms with them... but it's good to have some knowledge of their book for refutation... and Allahu alam... if even one can see the beauty of Islam through this kind of dialog... then Alhamdulallah

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