Friday, 6 February 2015

Muslim Thanks Theresa May: Another Victory for Honesty and Humanity

Theresa May did a good job in preventing Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from misappropriating the killing of Lee Rigby for their own agendas of hatred and propaganda.

For the type of hatred and propaganda these two propagate see:

Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer

Oh and in case anybody seriously thinks these two really care about British soldiers, ask them if they even know who Christopher Alder is. He was a black man, a former paratrooper who had served in the Falklands. He died in police custody and the officers were said to have been guilty of 'unwitting racism'

Do people really think Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller did not have an agenda of self-promotion and Islamophobia?

Two internationally recognised writers who were barred by Home Secretary Theresa May from visiting Greenwich in the aftermath of soldier Lee Rigby's brutal murder by Islamic extremists have lost a legal bid to challenge her decision.

American nationals Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer - whose views are said to be "regarded by some, perhaps by many, as Islamophobic" - were denied entry to the UK after the minister concluded that their exclusion was "conducive to the public good".

Their attempt to get a judicial review of May's decision was thrown out today by three judges at the Court of Appeal in London, who ruled that the proposed challenge had no prospect of success. []

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