Thursday, 26 February 2015

Peaceful Message to Mohammed Emwazi, Please Leave ISIS

This is a message to Mohammad Emwazi (Jihadi John) and all supporters of ISIS. Please rethink your allegiance to ISIS and leave ISIS. ISIS is a misguided group which is an oppressive force committing crimes against innocent human beings. These things are not allowed in Islam.

The Islamic Caliphate of ISIS claims to stand up in the face of oppression and defend the Muslims & the values of Islam, yet the recent beheadings and attacks on innocent civilians show that the actions of ISIS contradict the most basic notions of sacred value for innocent life that Islam teaches.

British and American Muslims have been working hard in peacefully speaking out against ISIS.

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Anonymous said...

Mohammed Emwazi first came to CAGE in 2009 after being detained, interrogated and recruited by Mi5 on what was meant to be a safari holiday to Tanzania. Thereafter, the harassment continued and intensified which led to him losing two fiancée's, his job and new life in Kuwait. The harassment and abuse he suffered, was all without criminal charges ever being brought against him, with the legal remedies available to him failing, he attempted to start a new life abroad in Kuwait only to be blocked by the UK security agencies continually. A Washington Post investigation recently alleged he was the British IS member known as “Jihadi John”.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Emwazi is 26 years old British citizen. He was born in Kuwait in 1988, but moved to the UK at the age of six with his family and has lived there since.

Raised and educated in West London, he went on to complete a degree in 2009. He hoped that with this degree he could build a successful career in Arab countries, particularly as he was fluent in Arabic, English and a British citizen.

After completing his studies Mohammed began making plans for settling down, for his future. As for most, this included marriage. Regarding this, he was speaking to a potential spouse and her family over the phone back in his home country, Kuwait and the only step that remained was for him to go there and formally conduct the marriage contract.

As is the case for most students, upon completing his studies Mohammed first wanted a break, a summer holiday with some friends where he could relax for a bit and enjoy himself. With two close friends from childhood, he made plans to go to Tanzania with one of the key attractions there being safari.

Anonymous said...

Cerie Bullivant - Cage & Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihadi John