Thursday, 5 February 2015

Statistics: Ethnic Minorities in Bradford District and White Majority

Marie Macey presents some interesting statistics (from the year 2001) on the ethnic make up of  the Bradford District. Contrary to what some white nationalists may think or say, Bradford is still EASILY majority WHITE.

In the District of Bradford (so the city and surrounding areas) the majority ethnic composition is WHITE at nearly 80% (78.3%).

People of a Pakistani background are LESS THAN 15%.

So if you hear some nonsense about Pakistanis taking over the Bradford District, recognise it to be misinformation.

Admittedly, the percentage of people of a Pakistani origin are greater in the inner city area but you must remember the Pakistani community in Bradford City are concentrated in a narrow band of the city.

The total population of the District of Bradford is 467,000, comprising 78.3 percent 'white' and 20.7 percent visible minorities. The former includes people whose origins are in Belorussia, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and there are also significant numbers of Eastern European asylum seekers/refugees. The latter includes people whose origins are in Africa and the Caribbean (0.9 percent), Bangladesh (1.1 percent), India (2.7 percent) and Pakistan (14.5 percent). There is also a 'mixed' category (1.5 percent). By far the  largest minority ethnic group, then, is of Pakistani origin (80,000), approximately 60,000 of whom are from the Mirpur region of (Azad) Kashmir. Additionally, this community has a far higher presence in Bradford than its numbers suggest: first, because statistics refer to the District as a whole - which includes extensive rural areas whose towns and villages are almost entirely mono-cultural - whilst most ethnic minorities live in inner-city Bradford, which covers only five or six miles; second because Pakistani Muslims are concentrated in a narrow band of the city,...

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