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Smear on British Pakistanis: Stats and Facts of British Pakistanis Grooming Girls

Looking at some excerpts from Is child grooming and sexual abuse a race issue? it appears that Pakistani's were NOT the majority group out of those potential offenders grooming girls. In fact the Pakistanis are a small minority in this group.

White people were the majority group in grooming. Which, is to be expected as White people are the majority in the UK.

Asians were the second largest offending group after White people, at 38%

A 2011 study by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre looked at the 2,379 potential offenders caught grooming girls since 2008. Of 940 suspects whose race could be identified, 26% were Asian, 38% were white and 32% were recorded as unknown. Asians are roughly 7% of the population.

Pakistani groomers are surprisingly LOW in number

It appears Pakistanis have been unjustly labelled. Out of of the 415 Asians caught as potential groomers, ONLY 35 were of Pakistani heritage and only 5 were Bangladeshi.

Now those figures are tiny compared to the impression the right-wing give.

A report for the children's commissioner in 2012 found there were 1,514 perpetrators. Of these, 545 were white, 415 were Asian and 244 were black. The ethnicity of 21% of perpetrators was not recorded. Attempts to analyse the Asian figure further runs into problems. Just 35 of the 415 Asians are recorded as having Pakistani heritage and thus highly likely to be Muslim, and only five are recorded as being from a Bangladeshi background. The heritage of 366 of the Asian group is not stated in those figures.

Why relatively more Asians involved in grooming of young vulnerable girls?

Now, you may be thinking, OK, so it's not involving as many Pakistanis as perhaps first thought but what about the relatively high percentage of Asians (could include Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Japanese etc.), relative to their overall population in Britain, involved in grooming?

Firstly, it's nothing to do with religion or culture. It's all to do with night-time economy. Young vulnerable girls are often out at night and immersed in the night-time economy and thus encounter relatively more Asians than any other race -a s many Asians work during the night, such as in takeaways, restaurants and taxis.

However, the view in different parts of law enforcement is that it is wrong to take these figures and cases and say the race or religion of the perpetrator leads to them committing these crimes.
A more credible link, says one senior source involved in bringing the criminals to justice, are their occupations. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said the demography of certain areas and the makeup of the night-time economy explained the over-representation of Asian offenders.

The source said: "Young vulnerable girls migrate to the night-time economy, where they come across taxi drivers and people working in takeaways, who are more likely to be Asian. It is better to focus on the professions of offenders, not their race or religion."

What about online sexual grooming, are Asians the biggest offenders?

The interesting thing here is, White people are the biggest offending group when it comes to online grooming. Which really does further highlight that this is not an Asian problem or anything like that. It would be naïve to say so.Just like internet sexual grooming is not a White problem.

They say the biggest dangers are not just on the street, but online, and the totality of abuse shows far more white people are perpetrators.

They say the biggest dangers are not just on the street, but online, and the totality of abuse shows far more white people are perpetrators.

Grooming: All Asian gangs?

What about grooming gangs being all Asian? Well this is not true either. And for some reasons cases involving white suspects received less media attention.

As if to highlight the point, on Monday there was a scheduled meeting at the Department for Education of several departments and concerned groups. The topic of Asian gangs was discussed, on a day when Stuart Hazell, a white man, pleaded guilty to murdering 12-year-old Tia Sharp, the granddaughter of his partner, in whom he had developed a sexual interest.

Court cases later this year will see allegations against mixed race sex gangs, including one with Asian and white suspects, and another with Asian and African men. Cases involving white suspects did not gain the same media attention as those where Asian gang members were convicted.

Do Asian groomers only target white girls?

And what about the idea of these grooming gangs and predators only targeting Non-Muslim girls or girls outside one's own race and culture (eg. Asians only targeting White girls)? Well this is not true either.

The idea that these are criminals striking when the opportunity arises, regardless of race, is given credence by the leader of the grooming gang in Rochdale. Shabir Ahmed was jailed for attacking a young Asian female as well as young white females. His case suggests opportunity, not race, was the major factor in whom he attacked.

All quotes in red taken from, Is child grooming and sexual abuse a race issue?

Don't be fooled by the bigots who want to demonize Muslims. The take-home points are:

- Pakistanis are not the huge group of sexual groomers that the right wing are making them out to be.

- The night time economy being disproportionately Asian combined with young vulnerable girls being attracted to the night time economy means that we see more Asians (relative to their overall population in the UK) involved in such crimes.

- White people are involved in more grooming than any other race.

- White people far exceed any other group in online grooming.

- Asian groomers are not specifically targeting white girls, they are opportunists and will target any vulnerable girl - like any other sexual criminal would.

- Cases involving white suspects did not get the same media attention as those involving Asians (specifically Pakistani) and thus this skewed people into thinking the number of Pakistani grooming gangs/individuals was/is greater than the actual number.

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Anonymous said...

The reality of child abuse in modern Britain is that it is widespread and far from confined to any specific community. Despite the high-profile coverage of Pakistani abusers in Rochdale in 2013, 95% of the men on the area’s sex offender register are white. Offences defy easy stereotyping; the lead perpetrator in Rochdale was later also sentenced for assaulting a young Asian female. And if all cases are about the abuse of power they have different dynamics: Rochdale revealed opportunism by taxi drivers and takeaway workers using girls for quick sex; Oxford was about gang-related trafficking motivated by money.