Friday, 6 February 2015

Israelis Blame Muslims in Britain for Exposing Israel!

Have you ever wondered why Muslims in Europe are being vilified by the mainstream media?

Apart from the battle for resources (oil), one of the other factors behind this seems to be the fact that British Muslims and Muslims residing in other European countries are being blamed by folk in Israel for shattering the Zionist myths and propaganda around Israel.

Yep, Muslims in Europe are being blamed by folk in Israel for spreading the truth!!!

And hence some of the media campaigns against Muslims in Europe.
 could well be due to this.


One result of the political action by Muslims in Europe has been the shattering of the myths spun around the creation of Israel by Zionists seeking an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine. Statistics reveal an increase in public opinion against Israel in Europe, and many voices from within Israel have blamed the Muslim presence in Europe for this phenomenon. The fact is that many politically active Muslims in countries such as Britain have spearheaded a public expose on Israeli occupation policies and have accurately assessed how a country such as Israel is sustaining its military occupation of Palestine. This has led to a growing boycott movement that is a very real threat to Israeli viability. The response from powerful pro-Zionists has been to equate Muslims and politics with extremism, a theme that is picked up and resonates in certain segments of the media and politics.

Islamic Political Radicalism - A European Perspective, Edited by Tahir Abbas, The Scales for Defining Islamic Political Radicalism - Ismail Adam Patel, Edingburgh University Press, p47

Respect to every Muslim in Europe (and worldwide) who has participated in shedding some truth about the Zionist oppression of Palestinians.

I hope the Zionists in Israel are not beginning a hate-campaign against Jews in Europe who oppose Zionism.

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