Saturday, 7 February 2015

Who was Ibn Majah?

This is a little biography of Ibn Majah which is at the front of my copy of Bulugh Al Maram.

Aside from knowing who this great scholar is, it's important to note that his Sunan contains many weak and munkar* Hadith. On the internet people quote Hadith left, right and centre so it's beneficial to know that a Hadith from this Sunan Ibn Majah could well be unreliable. So check things up - ask your local scholar about matters on the net  which you're not sure about.

IBN MAJAH, Muhammad bin Yazid:

Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Yazid bin Majah Al Qizwini was born in 207 H. He studied under many scholars of Hadith, and many people narrated Ahadith from him. He was one of the eminent scholars of Hadith, but his Sunan contains many weak and even Munkar Ahadith. Ibn Majah died in Ramadan in 273 H.

* Munkar (مُنْكَر meaning "denounced") — According to Ibn Hajar, if a narration which goes against another authentic hadith is reported by a weak narrator, it is known as munkar. Traditionists as late as Ahmad used to simply label any hadith of a weak reporter as munkar. [Wikipedia]

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