Thursday, 26 February 2015

Is Mario Joseph, ex Muslim Imam, Telling the Truth?

Don't be fooled by a person who is claiming to be an ex imam who became a Christian (Catholic), Mario Joseph. The claims of Mario Joseph being an ex Muslim imam are looked into by Gabriel al Romaani. Mario Joseph makes errors when talking about the Quran. This throws his claim of being an ex imam into great doubt. These errors are looked into by Gabriel al Romaani.

Another point I want to add, in the 'Changing Tracks' video, they show a picture of Mario Joseph when he was supposedly an imam...he is clean shaven. Now, that for an imam is really, really unusual. I don't think I have ever seen an imam of a mosque who is clean shaven (i.e no beard). In India this must be extremely odd. Odd.

Is Mario telling the truth?

Mario Joseph exposed by Gabriel Al Romaani

If video does not play:


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Tamar said...

Whoa! I am so glad I stumbled on this. The part I love the most is the invitation to Islam. The basis of the invitation is not only captivating, it is also true. But a question was raised in my heart as I read it, and it is, "What is the Will of God?" Can you kindly share your view about this. Thanks