Thursday, 5 February 2015

Respect: Pakistani Muslims in Bradford Protested Against Prostitution

British Pakistanis are receiving negative press in a propaganda campaign. However, it's important to mention the good intentions of the Pakistani Muslims who wanted to remove prostitution from a Muslim area. A noble and respected goal.

A lot of communities in Britain could learn from the good intentions of these Pakistani Muslims in Bradford who actively wanted a clean and safe area.

Of course, the protest did turn violent due to over-eager and unwise youngsters. However, this should not cloud the pure and noble intentions of the Pakistani Muslims in Bradford.

Following the elections, Pakistani Muslim men instigated a campaign against the sex trade, initially in the form of a peaceful protest against prostitution in what had become a Muslim area. However, this became progressively violent, as roving gangs of youths harassed prostitutes and succeeded in driving them out of the area.

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