Thursday, 19 February 2015

Defending Deah Barakat From Smears

The anti-Muslim brigade did not wait long before trying to smear the murdered Deah Shaddy Barakat, one of the three innocent Muslims murdered in the Chapel Hill shootings.

These sick people who smear the already afflicted believe such things as 'there's no such thing as an innocent Muslim'. That's what the foolish person who is trying to smear Deah Barakat wrote.

So let's look at these smears against Deah Barakat?

Deah Barakat was 'nasty' to White people?

This is based on a tweet attributed to Deah, in which he was joking about white SUPREMACY. I've been told by an American this was a picture of white people working at a 'Chick Filet', an American fast food chain.

Use your brains, Islamophobes. And stop stretching and twisting tweets to demonise the innocent Deah Barakat.

Money to terrorists and plans to travel to Syria?

The insinuation is that he was supporting some form of terrorism and planning to join ISIS.

Erm, another fail or rather another deception.

The tweet, of him expressing his desire to go to Syria was in 2011 (before FOX News had ever heard of ISIS). He's of Syrian origin, so he has a reason to go. Not only this, he was a dentistry student who was involved in a project to provide dental relief to Syrian refugees

As for money, the tweet does not mention anything about giving money to terrorist. Rather he tweeted UMR having raised over $20,000 for GAZA.

Erm, this is relief. It's aid. It's money to help people in need. To even intimate this is some terrorist funding is a disgrace.

Links to the Muslim Brotherhood?

This is another one of their stretches. Deah Barakat retweeted a video of Dr Burhan Ghalioun addressing the Syrian people. Seen as Dr Burhan Ghalioun is opponent of President Assad of Syria, one would expect a Syrian-American to be interested.

As for Dr Burhan having links with the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't know if this is true. However, it's clear that it's ridiculous to link Deah Barakat with the Muslim Brotherhood just because he retweeted a video of a prominent opponent of President Assad.

If I pass on a video of George Galloway discussing Scotland, does that link me to Sadam Hussain? Of course not!

These people are desperate to attack Deah Barakat, their desperation leads them to intellectual dishonesty.

Norman Finkelstein and Anti-Semitism

It gets even more ridiculous. Deah Barakat, tweets out a video of the JEWISH Scholar Norman Finkelstein...yet Deah is being accused of anti-Semitism. Norman Finkelstein, criticises Israel... his criticism is not of Jews nor of Judaism. And to repeat, Norman Finkelstein is JEWISH

Think about it, if I, as a Brit, criticise the foreign policy of Britain does that make me hate all Britons? Of course not.

The same applies to Norman Finkelstein (and Deah Barakat), their criticisms of Israel's oppression and injustice against Palestinians could never be construed (by anybody honest) to be anti-Semitic.

Also, it's said Deah retweeted a cartoon comparing the Nazi treatment of Jews with the Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Of course, nobody is saying the two are exactly the same, but the parallels are there in the sense that both forms of injustice are based on discrimination by a cold regime.

Conclusion on the Deah Barakat Smears

Nothing to see here folks. Deah Barakat was not 'anti-White, 'anti-Semitic' and  nor is there any evidence that he was a supporter of ISIS or planning to join them.

Stop smearing the lad. Have some respect for his memory and his surviving family, relatives and friends.

NOTE: I have not verified if the tweets which the Islamophobe captured were in fact from Deah Barakat or not. Either way, as discussed above, those tweets have simply been stretched by the dishonest eager to smear Deah.

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