Saturday, 14 February 2015

Walid Shoebat's Son: Calling for Aggression

Here's a recent FB comment from Theodore Shoebat (Walid's son) in which he is using a story of Jesus (p)found in the New Testament to justify a more militant approach:

If your pastor says anything in favor for Islam and homosexuality, confront him, and do so with aggression. If you attend a Christian school or university, and they have events in favor for homosexuality or Islam, go in there and confront the entire event, and do so with aggression.
If our Lord entered the Temple with a whip, the least we can do is confront these devils, and do so with aggression. Instill fear into their hearts, and horrify them into submission.

Here's a video in which Ted Shoebat is calling for a more militant approach, confrontation of gays and a form of intimidation of church leaders who support the homosexual movement.

Now if a Muslim happened to have said something like this on YouTube, I suspect the Islamophobes would have been making a big deal out of it. The interesting thing here is, Ted Shoebat uses the Bible to justify his approach. Ted Shoebat is the son of a famous Christian speaker. His approach is antithetical to Western liberalism. It will be interesting to see which side gets what they want.

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