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Gay Indian Muslim Asylum in Australia

This is another one of these sad stories. An Indian Muslim family has lost their son because of his attraction to men - he is gay. Well actually, I don't believe they have lost him solely due to his homosexuality and his boyfriend.

I think their reported reaction of trying to force the gay Indian Muslim man into a marriage, threatening and abusing him was more than part of it.

Muslim families need training in dealing with situations such as gay sons and gay daughters. Trying to force them into marriage is not Islamic and can lead to further problems. Beating the gay son/daughter up is not going to achieve anything in terms of keeping your child. Islam is the best religion for gay men and women, thus the family should always express this to their child.

Using wisdom and speaking to the gay daughter/son is what the family should try to do. If the parents/siblings are incapable of doing this, then get somebody of wisdom in from the local Muslim community to TALK and LISTEN to them. Try to contact people like Kamal El Mekki, Suhaib Webb, Yasir Qadhi and Nouman Ali Khan to advise you further.

On a side note, Christian Islamophobes may well be using this incident to bash Muslims but rather than misusing the unwise actions of an angry Muslim family in India they would be advised to look into their teachings about homosexual acts in the Bible.

CanIndia: A gay Indian student, who fled his country to escape his oppressive family and an arranged marriage, has been granted refugee status in Australia.    
The 25-year-old commerce graduate, who lives with his ­boyfriend in New South Wales (NSW), was granted asylum by Australia’s Refugee Review Tribunal, The Australian reported Wednesday.
He arrived on a student visa in March 2009 to study for a diploma in business management but withdrew from the course after six months.

When the man last ­returned to his home city of ­Hyderabad in India in 2011, he claimed that his father locked him in a bedroom and pressured him to enter into an arranged marriage

He alleged that his male cousins also assaulted him, twisting his nose and holding a knife against his throat. The student claimed that he was also threatened by a local Islamic cleric. The student escaped his family home with the help of a female friend. He hid in her house until he got a return ticket to reach Australia, the report said. Australia’s immigration department in July 2012 accepted that the asylum-seeker was homosexual but rejected the claim that the mistreatment amounted to persecution.

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