Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Uganda: Muslim Man Kills Daughter for 'converting' to Christianity

This is pure ridiculous. A Muslim man's daughters reportedly went to a church and became Christians and the Muslim father beats them upon their return home - one of them dies as a result of this beating.

The Muslim man should have brought a scholar to the house to explain Islam to them. Islam is so much more logical than Christianity - there's no logical reason for anybody to convert to Christianity from Islam. Sadly the emotion of anger meant the father did not use wisdom.

 (Morning Star News) – The 17-year-old daughter of a Muslim man in Uganda was able to attend one church service this month before he killed her for leaving Islam, sources said.
Abdul Hakim Ibanda of Kamuli town in eastern Uganda beat Nanvunani Shamimu and her 19-year-old sister, Nawudo Hasifa, with a blunt instrument after learning that they had attended the church service on April 6, Hasifa told Morning Star News.

Ugandan Muslims need help against Christian preachers?

Uganda is a predominantly Christian country, Muslims are about 11 % of the total population of Uganda. It's important that the Muslims in Uganda learn about Islam and learn about the arguments against Christianity so they are not tricked into converting to Christianity.

If there are any Ugandan Muslims who need assistance with explaining Islam to any of their family members who have converted to Christianity please email me and I will try to help you. I can highlight the falsehoods in Christianity and show you the evidences for Islam. InshaAllah.

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

Cubans invited to Islam

Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim.

Learn about Islam:
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