Monday, 7 April 2014

James White v David Wood?

There we have it. Dr James White, if he's consistent, cannot support David Wood and has to denounce his abject ignorance and label him as an embarrassment to anybody who promotes him. It's amazing David Wood gets paid for this abject ignorance.

I'd imagine James White does not support the antics of David Wood at all, just as we recently learned that he does not support Sam Shamoun's verbal abuse of Muslims. The thing with James White is that he keeps it in-house when it comes to his associates who happen to be in his camp. The same manner is not afforded to those out of his camp such as Ergun Caner.

I just hope one day James White takes it upon himself to speak out against the apologetics disasters within American evangelism to Muslims. All this, 'Muslims are coming to rape you' propaganda in the guise of Christian evangelism is deemed pathetic to the Muslims and to the Christians it's an embarrassment.

I understand anti-Muslim rhetoric on the net can get the donations rolling in but come on, is it worth selling your dignity for? NO!

James White Surely Believes David Wood Is An Embarrassment to Anyone Who Promotes Him? NOTE: The clips of JW are him talking about Ahmed Deedat, yet they would apply to David Wood if JW is consistent!

Islam does not allow rape, Sami Zataari:

Here's a Muslim community leader and 500 mosques across the UK condemning the sexual grooming of girls by Muslim gangs:

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam: about Islam:
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Anonymous said...

Nabeel Qureshi getting accepted into the M.Phil. in Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman World at Oxford University, a program leading into the D.Phil.

Alexander said...
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Yahya Snow said...


I removed your comment as the apostrophe was missing in 'Allah's Book'.
I changed it:

They think shaykh Ahmad Deedat (rahimahullah), May Allah forgive him and have mercy on him, didn't have strong arguments. He was the best man in his time doing the work that he did regardless of what you may think. He destroyed all the christian rethoric and and silenced the greatest christian preachers in his time. His arguments based on the Quran will never get old or refuted because they are based on Allah's Word. He made it clear to both christians and muslims that Christianity don't have anything to offer and that the bible they have isn't anywhere close to the originals. He called to the worship of one God and warned against the disbelief (ie trinity and man made gods). He cleared up all the lies of the Christian missionaries of all different sects and showed us the flaws in their arguments. There wasn't any christian in the world that could hide from him and his lectures. He explained who Jesus (p) really is in the bible and the Quran and made it clear and convincing. May Allah have mercy on him. Ha traveled the world and lectured even at old age and he didn't stop his dawah until his last breath. May Allah forgive him. He didn't have any special degrees and showed us it isn't needed. We don't have to know who Paul is or the historical backgrounds of this and that to refute christians, Allah is sufficient for us. One of the stronger arguments Deedat had on the Christian nation was the different copy's of the bible and the changes made over time all of whom Bart Ehrman and other historians and Christians confirm for us today to be true. In other words it doesn't matter if you think you can win a debate with a muslim sometime because Allah's religion will prevail either way, and the truth will always stand against falsehood.

Allah says:

"Nay, We fling (send down) the truth (this Quran) against the falsehood (disbelief), so it destroys it, and behold, it (falsehood) is vanished..." (21:18)

And Allah says:

"They intend to put out the Light of Allah (i.e. the religion of Islam, this Quran, and Prophet Muhammad SAW) with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate (it)."(61:8)

Anonymous said...

Muslim Responses is a site that is dedicated to refuting the many lies and distortions that have been thrown against the true and noble faith of Islam.

This site seeks to respond to several arguments that have been thrown against the true God Allah, his final prophet Muhammad, and the revelation he was sent with which is the Noble Quran.

Anonymous said...

Don't give David wood donations

Alexander said...

Jazakallahu khayran