Monday, 14 April 2014

UK Government Dividing British Muslims?

Is the UK government paying people to foment hostilities, division and discord amongst the Muslim community?

Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari on his FaceBook has posted the story of a revert Muslim who spilled the beans on being recruited by 'certain' authorities' in his past for the sole purpose of producing division within the British Muslim community.

Muslims and non-Muslims should be alert to this and factor this into their thinking before making a firm conclusion on somebody who is outspoken and/or is an extremist spouting inflammatory speech which is not in accordance with the beautiful religion of Islam.
I wonder if Maajid Nawaaz knows anything about this?
Here's the mufti's FB comment:


Yesterday at the ‘Freedom of Speech’ event in Birmingham, I shared something with the audience which I had not mentioned to anyone up to now! 

Some months ago, a revert Muslim brother contacted me... He said that before embracing Islam, he was approached and recruited by ‘certain authorities’ to create hostility, discord, disunity and hatred amongst British Muslims. He was meticulously trained to become an expert in inter-Muslim polemics. He mingled with the various Muslims groups in order to create strife and debates. He would regularly visit Mosques, Islamic Institutions, and even internet forums to exacerbate the already divided Muslims. For some months, he would act as a Sunni, expressing hatred for the Shi’a; then a Shi’a spreading hatred for Sunnis; then a Salafi, condemning Hanafis and Sufis; then a Sufi, bashing Salafis/wahhabis, etc… He even posed as a Deobandi for three months and called Barelwis Mushriks and grave-worshippers, and then a Barelwi calling the Deobandis as non-believers. This was his job, and he was paid handsomely for his effort! Al-hamdulliah, he was able to leave this job, and then embraced Islam.

Subhan Allah, if this does not open our eyes, then I don’t know what will?! Those who hate Islam will do whatever they can to bring Muslims down and make them fight each other. Indeed, we have our differences, but this is not the time to dwell upon them, resulting in personal hatred. One has to only look at the various internet forums and see how Muslims from various backgrounds spend hours arguing and indulging in futile debate. We must learn to agree-to-disagree, and work together for a common cause. May Allah bring our hearts together and grant us tawfiq, Ameen.

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Anonymous said...

Saudi, Egypt pressure on UK to ban Muslim Brotherhood will backfire

Posted by 5Pillarz

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the domestic intelligence service, M15, is to launch an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood presence in the UK with a view to proscribing the organization, writes Abdel Bari Atwan.

The Times devoted half its front page and a whole page inside the paper to scare-mongering about the Muslim Brotherhood; another long article worried about what the paper calls “convenience Islam” in British prisons and described acts of blood-curdling violence by Muslims both in and out of jail.