Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Learn About Sex in Islam [Kamal El Mekki]

How does Islam view sexuality? What is celibacy and "free love"? What is permissible and what is considered forbidden? Is sex viewed as sin or something necessary for the survival of the human race? Watch this powerful video that explains the misconceptions of sexuality in Islam and how important it is to understand one of the main desires we have, the desire to procreate.

Muslim speaker speaks about Islam's view about sex

Please visit khalifahklothing's YouTube channel for more videos on Islam:

People having dreams and converting to Islam:

Learn about Islam:
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Anonymous said...

Hey pussycat, debate much?

Anonymous said...

This just in from the schoolyard: Yahya is still running from his own empty debate challenge. (I've seen empty challenges on the school yard before.)

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin, what about that debate challenge? Seems to me you challenged someone to debate? Was that a lie for the sake of allah? An attempt to boost your ego or statue for your readers?

Anonymous said...

Lie much, sweetie?

Anonymous said...

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