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Pakistani Christian Comment on Blasphemy Cases in Pakistan

A Pakistani Christian addressed a comment my way, I doubt he read my post carefully and he seems to have been swayed by a distortion by an Islamophobic website. Here's what he wrote interspersed with my responses, his comments are in purple:

I would like to address yahya on some misconceptions he have over this whole issue. Let me start by saying that I'm not an arm chair expert sitting on my chair bad mouthing muslims as you mentioned. I'm a Christian living in Pakistan in the same city where this is happening as we speak.

I did not claim you were somebody who was bad mouthing Islam. I don't even know you. I was simply referencing an Islamophobic website run by an AMERICAN who s making money out of attacking Islam. He, Mr Wood, is the one who misuses the situation for his agenda and money-making activities.

You said something along the lines that people are blowing this out of proportion but let me inform you that the trial of Sawan masih was held in an undisclosed jail cell for the fear of his life and of the judge and prosecutors (if they do find him not guilty) there was no defense witness because all were threatened of death if anyone stood in defense witness stand. And then sawan masih is found guilty on the charges of blasphemy and not one, let me repeat not ONE of the 3000 muslims who attacked the Christian community of about 5000 people was convicted due the lack of evidence.

I really think you did not read my post carefully. I NEVER said people were blowing the case of Sawan Masih out of proportion. Never. Please check:

I highlighted that it is reported that many of these blasphemy charges are used to settle disputes and thus false accusations. I never made any comments about this case or any other case. As for the 'reprisal' attacks by Muslims, I condemned them as Unislamic.

You mentioned something along the lines of personal disputes and you couldn't be more right. The dispute was between sawan and his Muslim"friend" who had a business of selling alcohol (mashallah brother, selling or consuming alcohol is haram in your religion and illegal in my country but that Muslim never got convicted for that either ...why? Lack of evidence Offcoarse)

My suggestion is, rather than these Islamophobes being counter-productive and negative why don't they not write to the Pakistani embassy in their country and ask them to look into matters. That's what people who care about the situation would do rather than using it to fuel hatred against Muslims. In fact I alluded to this by writing:

What fair minded people should be doing is lobbying to get discussions going so concerns can be passed on

 And if you didn't know then let me inform you that 200 Christian houses were burned along with 2 churches and more than 100 Christians were killed all in the name of personal dispute that you so clearly mentioned.

Obviously that's something that nobody can support. These are not Islamic acts. Wouldn't your time not be better served by lobbying influential people in Pakistan regarding this? Surely it's better than spending time on a website that makes money out of bashing Muslims and hating Islam?

You mentioned islamophobes, funny word it is because to Christians who live on Pakistan its not an irrational fear of Islam but a very horrible reality of life for being just a Christian.

I mentioned Islamophobes referring to the American Islamophobe who tramples on the Christian community in Pakistan in order to bash Muslims and Islam. Is this sincere? Of course not. You should rebuke him. As for being afraid of Islam, there's no need to be afraid of Islam. You are conflating Islam with the actions of misguided Muslims. Do not allow the attacks by Muslims and the false accusations to be confused for Islam. The two are distinct.

You mentioned something about these people being minorities but let me pop your mental cheery that in Pakistan since 1947 there have been over 2000+ cases of blasphemy (that's about 35 per year roughly since Pakistan got its independence) and none was ever convicted in the court of law but only about fewer than 10 survived. The rest were brutally murdered some along with their families all in the name of peace and tolerance by that small minority of muslims but none of the majority of peace loving muslims intervened. These same "MINORITIES" regularly kill all and any one who talks against these atrocities including muslims (salman tehseer and shahbaz bhatti being prime examples). So when you or any taqiyya practicing muslims tells us that the radicals are minorities and the majority of muslims are peace loving and tolerant, i can only come to two conclusions. One being that you really don't understand the meaning of this simple English word or you are just too ashamed to admit to the fact that all muslims are like that. I hope i have cleared some of the bugs that you had in your mind.

I think you have misunderstood the meaning here. I was speaking about the 'reprisal' attacks by Muslims on the Christian community:

Of course all these riots and reprisal attacks are from a small minority - these acts are not Islamic.

The word 'minority' is used to describe the Pakistani Muslims who were involved in these attacks aganst the Pakistani Christian community. Think about it, without checking up the exact number there are over 100 million Pakistani Muslims in Pakistan. Of course, those who were involved in the riots are a minority, how many were there? 100? 200? 1000? Out of over 100 million that's a minority. IF these type of people were the majority there would be no Christian left in Pakistan. Please stop with your anti-Muslim sentiment. I understand that you are emotional but this is not the way to go about things. You should focus on something positive such as writing letters to the Pakistani embassy in your country. Have you done this? Or are you wasting time with negativity on the net?

You mentioned taqiyya, you really do seem to be influenced by Islamophobic propaganda as you do not understand this word at all, taqiyya is explained here:

My advice to you is to focus on more positive actions and to disassociate yourself from Islamophobes on the net. That American Islamophobe sits at home and attacks Islam and Muslims, through this he makes more money in a week than a Pakistani Christian family does in a month. All the while he uses the plight of Pakistani Christians to assist him in making such ill-gotten money. Some people have no shame. I pray he sees the light and I pray you take my advice. I also invite you to Islam like the Pakistani cricket player formerly known as Yousuf Youhana:

Here's an example of an American Islamophobe using the rape of a Pakistani Christian girl to attack Islam:

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

Invitation to Islam

Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim.

Learn about Islam:


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Two newly elected MPs from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party were among six people arrested over an attack on a Pakistani man in Athens, in the latest in a series of incidents that have raised fears that Greece‘s immigrants are being targeted in the runup to this month’s crucial elections.

Ilias Panagiotaros and Ioannis Vouldis were briefly held alongside the daughter of Nikos Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn’s leader, but were later released. According to police, the attack took place late on Friday when a group involved in a protest turned on a 31-year-old Pakistani bypasser.

Golden Dawn confirmed two of its MPs had been held, but denied they took part in the attack. “[They] could not have been involved because they were miles away,”it said in a statement.

Golden Dawn caused consternation across Europe after winning 7% of the vote in Greece’s elections in May, giving them 21 seats. It is the first time the far right has sat in parliament since the fall of the military junta in 1974. With their neo-Nazi insignia, violent rhetoric and calls to expel Greece’s immigrants, Golden Dawn’s leaders are hoping to exploit political instability in Greece to gain further ground in elections called for 17 June after no party was able to form a government following last month’s vote.

In the run-up to the first election, Golden Dawn ran TV ads with the campaign slogan, “Let’s rid this country of the stench.” On election night Michaloliakos dedicated their success to “all the brave youngsters who wear black T-shirts with Golden Dawn written in white”. Unemployment in Greece now stands at at 22%, and 52% among young people, and the party has sought to capitalise on a mood of fear across a country that is struggling to come to terms with rising crime, falling living standards and a feeling that it is on the brink of economic and political meltdow.

Greece’s 1 million immigrants have become an easy target for neo-Nazi and other far-right groups, who regularly parade through Athens chanting racist slogans.

On Saturday the youth wing of the leftwing Syriza party condemned the attack, saying: “An orgy of violence and murderous attacks is taking place in the streets of Athens … Those who think they will address the immigration issue with knives, swords and minefields along the borders have no place in our neighbourhoods, even less so in parliament.”

The elections, seen as a referendum on Greece’s membership of the euro, will be a tightly fought contest between the conservative New Democracy party and Syriza.

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