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A Challenge for Farhan Qureshi

Farhan Qureshi was recently over at mine via email getting all emotional about this post on exMuslims (a post primarily focussed on those exMuslims from Muslim countries). Maybe he thought it was about him in some way. I don't know if Farhan is a self hater or not but he does seem to be quite patriotic - always worrying.

Asking for a statement from Farhan Qureshi condemning his buddy!
Anyways, enough of that. Le's talk business, Farhan. How about you actually do some research into this post and decide whether your buddy is misappropriating and mishandling the misery and suffering of people just for a bit of popularity, cash and an opportunity to bash Muslims. I would really like to see a statement from Farhan Qureshi denouncing such actions. Why are so many people so reluctant to publicly speak out against hate preachers such as the one mentioned below? I mean, it's absolutely sickening to think this man is wading in people's misery for his own personal agenda and bank account.

The blue print David and many other hate-preachers follow is that of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in that these people are seen as the celebrities of Islamophobia - they have made a small fortune and acquired a certain amount of fame (infamy) out of Islamophobia. Thus you have a bunch of wannabes copying their formula. Hence folk like David who give it a bit of a Christian evangelical twist. Dave has a history of dressing up in more ways than one. Let's just focus on his dressing up of hating Muslims and Islam as Christian evangelism.

No self respecting, practicing and learned Christian is going to support such drivel. Radicalised David needs a talking to. A public dressing down from his buddy Farhan could be just what the doctor ordered!

Take it away Farhan,

David Wood’s New Publicity Stunt Contextualized
Here is an interesting post from Calling Christians. It may be relevant to note that Wood’s God commanded the massacre of innocent men, women, children, babies and animals in 1 Samuel 15.
Remember kids, David loves you. He loves you so much, that when 200 kids are put in harms way and the buzz word Muslim is mentioned, he’s going to offer help. However, if a couple thousand Sudanese Christians are being killed over a 6 month period, it’s not a problem. When Lord Resistance Soldier’s, a Christian terrorist group goes on murdering and rape rampages, it isn’t poor David’s problem. After all, those Christians only kidnapped around 50, 000 kids, what publicity is he going to get for a stunt like that?


and God knows best.

A couple of relevant comments by myself:

The bloke seems to be running a serious money-making operation. His donation options drop-down goes up to $200/month.

Hello!!! Who’s going to be stupid enough to give this man $200/month to simply cut and paste negative stories of Muslims and link it to Islam?!
It’s really a case of cashing in on the stupid and on those who are stupefied by their hatred of Muslims.

That’s modern day evangelism in some people’s books.

Oh, and is that Ergun Caner lookalike who hangs with him receiving any of the cash?

I’ve got no issues in general with bloggers wanting donations but seriously, trying to eek a living out of sitting at home using the misery of rape victims to gain some attention and donations in the name of some warped evangelism is a new ball game. Beyond pathetic.

People like Nabeel Qureshi, JW, Samuel Green are not coming out to offer unequivocal support. Quite telling.

Negeen Mayel saw through him, time for others too. The sooner others do the quicker folk such as Dave will go out and get real jobs rather than sitting at home making cash out of the stupidity and hatred of folk.


I assume after my email you will be reading this post and possibly deciding to comment. Before doing so have a look at Dave using the misery of rape victims:

And Nabeel aint coming to their rescue is he:

Oh one wonders where he got this vile tactic of self-promotion and rabble-rousing from? Geller and the like use this vile tactic:

PS The Arab-looking guy who hangs with him (is that tokenism?), Shamoun, was sending me messages of abuse recently over this post, guess he liked the possibility that folk will leave with the impression that he has White’s full approval for his dishonesty and malice:

All I’m asking you to do RM is to think like Negeen Mayel. Why is it that she left Dave? YOU are giving him cash to a serous tune (assuming your private communication in this regard is true). Why? Why not give that cash to a charity for starving kids rather than a guy who is living off somebody else’s dime for simple sitting at home and hate-mongering against a group that he the right wing deems to be fair game.

Ask yourself why PASTOR Samuel Green never came to defend their abuse? Why Nabeel Qureshi has never supported them despite having an opportunity in a radio debate recently with a Nazam44? Why Negeen Mayel blasted him? Why MJ Sharpe is not working with him? Why White has never given a full endorsement?

It seems weird doesn’t it?

Can you seriously tell me their actions are Christian and worthy of $100s?

The David Wood section, scroll down to view the older posts:


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