Saturday, 17 May 2014

Comment on Kazakhstan: Atheist Faces Seven Years for Stoking Religious Tension

It's hypocritical for Christians to be criticising the laws in Kazakhstan as we know Christians believe that Jesus ordered the killing of apostates and the well-known Christian theologian, John Calvin, supported execution for heresy and blasphemy.
Snip from the news story:
Mild-mannered pensioner Aleksandr Kharlamov does not look like a typical rabble-rouser – but this bespectacled sexagenerarian stands at the center of a furor over freedom of conscience in Kazakhstan.
Throughout the post-Soviet era, President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s administration has cast Kazakhstan as a bastion of religious tolerance. Yet, Kharlamov, a staunch atheist, is accused of stoking religious tensions in a Kafkaesque case which could see him jailed for seven years.
Kharlamov has already spent six months behind bars, some of it in a psychiatric ward, broadening the controversy over religious freedom into a row over the alleged misuse of psychiatry.
Kharlamov denies stoking religious discord, he told in an interview in his hometown of Ridder in the Altay Mountains in northeastern Kazakhstan.
“My criticism of religion was interpreted as incitement of religious enmity and strife,” said Kharlamov, who attributes his release on bail last fall to international pressure on the Kazakhstani government. He remains free pending further investigation. “There’s no crime. There’s no incitement of religious enmity. I criticized all religions – I didn’t choose just one.” [source]
Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

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