Saturday, 17 May 2014

Re: Reza Aslan’s Ugly Rape Fantasies

Let's get serious. The comments attributed to Reza Aslan were a stupid joke rather than a rape fantasy. The right wing are desperate to paint folk as rapists, this actually is an insult and belittlement to actual rape. The comment by Reza Aslan was indeed stupid and should be denounced but to make more of it than what it is would be unjust:

[–]benalmy 174 points 
Hello Reza, I have an excellent start up question for you.
You and Pamela Geller are stuck on an island, what happens?

[–]RezaAslan[S] 716 points 
Are we stuck forever? If so, then I guess it's time to make some hate babies Pam.

Invitation to Islam

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Bible: Muslims are blessed


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