Friday, 30 May 2014

Is Christian Apologetics Boring Christians?

Here's and adapted email that I sent to a financial supporter of Christian apologists on the net who happens to spend a lot of time on Muslim blogs/sites and in Muslim email inboxes:
You know, I have a theory about you:

You find Christian apologetic sites boring and their apologists dull.
Christian Internet Apologetics Boring People?
You come over to see what the Muslims are doing and see us in action and think, if only the Christian apologists were more like these guys - they (Muslim apologists) are so much more fun and so much more substantial as well as convincing.

I also think you secretly believe we are smarter than the Christian counter-parts. Most of us are British and thus you Yanks view us to be more cerebral and sophisticated in any case - this probably adds to my theory about you.

Dude you have Mr Sam 'unsophisticated and uneducated' Shamoun and Mr Dave 'I copy off Rob and Pam' Wood plus a load of other boring and uneducated chaps. Guess you're not happy - they are laughing all the way to the bank on your dime!!!!

Why do you hang with us Muslims so much? Why aren't you  spending100% of your time with them dullards who are churning up the same tired arguments that have been refuted before and whom have had a ton of entertaining exposures carried out on them?
You seem to spend a lot of time in my inbox and on Paul's blog...

Go on admit it, you like the way we conduct business here, don't you? You find Christian apologists stale, don't you? They've been saying the same stuff for the last decade while collecting your cash...

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