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Anti-Muslim Hitler - Mufti Bus Advert Exposed

An Islamophobe is running a propaganda ad using the picture of the Mufti of Jerusalem with Hitler:

Pamela Geller’s new ad running on 20 Washington D.C. buses.- Screenshot from Washington Post Her new offering stars Adolf Hitler and the mufti of Jerusalem, spiritual leader of Palestinian Muslims in the first half of the 20th century, the Washington Post reported.

Sponsored by Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, the ad is headlined “Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran” and includes a photo of the mufti, Haj Amin el-Husseini, having a conversation with Hitler. It began running on 20 Metro buses in the U.S. capital last week, and will remain on display until mid-June.

However, it's all propaganda as Pamela Geller, the person responsible for the advert, is clearly operating a double standard as well as an ignorant standard. For those who wish to learn the truth about the Mufti of Jerusalem and his relationship with Hilter see below:

This is absolutely astonishing. It highlights the utter hypocrisy and the dark  propaganda machine of the Zionists.

And Skurnik was not the only Jew fighting on the side of the Germans. More than 300 found themselves in league with the Nazis when Finland, who had a mutual enemy in the Soviet Union, joined the war in June 1941.
The alliance between Hitler and the race he vowed to annihilate — the only instance of Jews fighting for Germany’s allies — is one of the most extraordinary aspects of the Second World War, and yet hardly anyone, including many Finns, know anything about it.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about 2 groups fighting FOR Hitler - 1 group is vilified, besmirched and even used to smear the religion of that group and to tarnish all the co-religionists of this group whilst the 2nd group who fought for Hitler are not even mentioned widely (until now) and when they are mentioned their circumstances are explained with balance, empathy and context

So here we have a group of Finnish Jews who fought FOR Hitler yet they are not vilified whilst the Mufti of Jerusalem who sided with Hitler is unfairly presented in an unbalanced and negative light by the Zionists' propaganda machine. Interesting.

It gets even more interesting; the reason why the Mufti and the Finnish Jews chose to side with Hitler was because they had a common enemy (the British for the Mufti and the Russians for the Finnish Jews).

So why the hypocrisy? Why have the Zionists, for years, publicised the actions of the Mufti, ignored the context and presented him to be an ogre when he was only looking to oppose a common enemy (the British who had occupied his land) WHILST doing a combination of ignoring, understanding, contextualising the actions of the Finnish Jews who sided with Hitler for the same reason (a common enemy)? Why one rule for the Muslim and another for the Jew? Zionist propaganda!

Here is a post which I produced some time ago concerning the Zionist misuse of the actions of the Mufti of Jerusalem:

Bishop Friedrich Coch saluting Hitler in 1933
Anti-Muslim propaganda has no regard for humanity, context and truth. Of course it serves the interests of the Zionists, rogue Christian missionaries and the extreme far-right to portray Muslims as folk who are ready to butcher innocent Jews at the drop of a hat. This bout of anti-Muslim propaganda also distorts history and context with regards to Hajj Amin al-Hussaini (Mufti of Jerusalem).

The interesting thing here is, those very advocates of this propaganda against Muslims re the Mufti of Jerusalem's support of Hitler do not bat an eye-lid when it comes to Italy, the home of the Vatican (the centre of Catholic Christianity) nor do they bother to ponder upon Protestant Christian Germany which was the birthplace of Martin Luther (who initiated the Protestant Reformation). We could find a ton of Christians who sided with Nazi Germany at one point in time. Would it be fair to label these folk as Jew-hating racists? No.

Having said, the Islamophobes pluck out the example of the Mufti of Jerusalem without offering any context and even offering deception. Right wing propaganda is geared towards people who are bigoted in some capacity, poorly educated and/or those who have little inclination to research further - that's the right-wing in a nutshell.

Why did the Mufti of Jerusalem side with Hitler against Britain and the Allies?

The answer is partly in the question: 'Britain'. Britain had occupied the Arab territories (specifically Palestine) for decades at that time. There was a growing Zionist movement which was pushing for a Zionist stateas well as a growing Arab nationalist movement which championed a Palestinian state.

The Mufti, seeing that Britain (the country occupying his land) was at war with Germany, chose a side - he chose Germany. Think about it, this seemed to be an opportunity for him to free his people of British hegemony and realise the Arab Nationalist movement's goal of a Palestinian state. There was no anti-Jewish motivation.

In fact he even told local Jews that he had no enmity towards them:
A more rational explanation for the work  of this man was that he was an Arab National. Initially he was against the British occupation of Palestine, and fought against this occupation, leading to his subsequent arrest and exile. When the British gave amnesty to all exiled nationals, he returned and found that the Zionist movement was gaining momentum, and he fought against the movement to try to protect Palestine. There are records of him addressing the local Jews, who had resided there for centuries, telling them that he had no enmity towards them. The big issue hat he had was with the loss of Palestinian land in an unjust land-grab.
Sadly, the Islamophobes and those who have been duped by this Muslim Nazi SS Division propaganda are oblivious to the  facts and context concerning Haj Amin al-Husseini's support of Germany

The propaganda: ‘Muslims aided the Nazis in World War II against the Jewish people’
Have the Islamophobes been offering forgeries in their attempts to make more out of the Mufti of Jerusalem's support of Germany? Well, the following claim is not even backed up by the transcript records:

This is one of the most horrific accusations against the Muslims. This is based upon the allegations that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem colluded with Hitler during the Second World War to exterminate Jews. There is also allegations that during post war trials against the Nazis, the Mufti ‘s name was mentioned in testimony alleging his support of the Nazis.

The aforementioned Pamela Gellar mentions in an article:

During the Nurmeberg Trials in July 1946, Eichmann’s assistant, Dieter Wisliczeny, testified that Mufti was a central figure in the planning of the genocide of the Jews

However, court transcripts of the Nurmeburg trials show no mention of the Mufti in Wilsliczeny’s testimony.
Hmm, no court transcripts. Interesting. Do Islamophobes even ask for evidence or do they just run with stuff that supports their agenda of hatred?

Muslims Saved Jews From Hitler - Some Information for the Islamophobes

It had been built by the French government to honour the Muslim forces that fought alongside the French in World War I. The history of the beautiful mosque does not stop there. During World War II, the imam of the mosque was well-known to have distributed falsified certificates to Jews to fool the Nazi forces into thinking that they were Muslims.

The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Dtory of How Muslims Rescued Jews During the the Holocaust by Karen Gray Ruelle and Deborah Durland Desaix. - According to this book, the Jews as well as downed Allied forces were sheltered in the mosque until they could escape safely.

For more examples of Muslims saving Jews during World War II, please see:

Quotes in red from, Islam: Silencing the Critics, Zia Sheikh, 2nd Edition, 2012


Yes, the Mufti of Jerusalem did side with Hitler's Germany (just like millions of Christians in Italy and Germany) but the Mufti did not side with Hitler for reasons of anti-Semitism. He wanted freedom from British rule and a Palestinian state - this was his motivation in siding with Germany. He was even on record telling local Jews he had no enmity towards them - his enemy was Britain and Zionism (there are a number of Jews who oppose Zionism)

One wonders why the Islamophobes don't make mention of such. Intellectual dishonesty, deception, spin and distortion of facts are the hallmarks of Islamophobes who want folk to hate Muslims.

My message to the Islamophobes and those who in contact with their material is, think and research!

Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim. Now is the time.

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