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Oje Amu: Sam Shamoun Not a Representative of Jesus Christ + Muslims to help him?

Are you reading Samuel Green? Are you reading Nabeel Qureshi? Are you reading James White? Are you reading Tony Costa? Are you reading Shabir Ally? Are you reading Bassim Goriel? Are you reading Pastor Joseph Najm? Are you reading Bassam Zawadi? Are you reading Anthony Rogers? Are you reading Jay Smith? Are you reading Hogan Elijah Hagbard? Are you reading Dave Armstrong? Are you reading Nadir Ahmed? Are you reading Cornerstone Baptist Church? Are you reading ABN? Are you reading Rich Pearce? Are you reading Turretinfan? Are you reading Joe Wryostek?

Wow. That's a lot of 'are you reading'!

Recently I mentioned an abuse email, witnessed by pastor Samuel, that Sam Shamoun directed towards myself and a Christian who goes by the name Minoria.

On the same theme, here's a Christian chap who has just sent me a comment.  His name is Oje Amu. Here are the relevant bits:

Please let me make it clear that I am not against Sam Shamoun and David Wood as regards the Christian faith in general. They are my brothers in Christ and in the faith. The only reason why I posted this was to draw attention to the Christian community to find a way to admonish Sam Shamoun regarding this attitude he exudes when he is debating those of opposing views.

The only thing I have expressed concern about is about the way Sam Shamoun goes about it in a manner that is not representative of Christ.

Oje has also rebuked Sam Shamoun in this post previously.

Snapshot Image Summarising Sam Shamoun and his Ministry
Why would any serious and sincere Christian give Sam Shamoun cash? They wouldn't.

Why is it that despite the copious claims and the rebuke he receives for his disgraceful conduct he has been unable to curb his angry, mean, disingenuous, dishonest, malicious and insulting side? What's going on here? Is there an issue at his church? Is there an issue with him psychologically, I know a psychologist who is a friend of David Wood who offered the view that Sam is 'straight bi-polar'?

Whatever the case, how come nobody is trying to help him? Look, the guy has had around two decades doing what he has done - you'd think he would have said all that he's got to say in that period of time. Why's he still hanging around? Psychological problems? Money problems? Problems of the ego?

There are so many questions yet so few answers. One answer that I arrive at is that the people around Sam have CLEARLY failed.

If there was a Muslim as dishonest, obnoxious, deriding, insulting, disrespectful, hate-filled as Sam Shamoun would the Christian right wing not claim that person needs the Gospel? Would some not also (disingenuously) claim he is a 'product of Islam'? Sam Shamoun has what they call the Gospel, yet his behaviour and antics are abysmal. He has even showcased a porn star on his FB to have a dig at Muslims and even made up lies such as bestiality. Come on, this is deranged!

You see, I'm not going to use the example of this one Christian to attempt to tarnish Christianity or paint all Christians with the same brush yet Shamoun and many of his buddies use the bad actions of any Muslim to attack Islam and Muslims. This, folks, is indeed hypocrisy.

The Sam Shamoun section is here for those who want to peruse his past behaviour (click on older posts when you get to the bottom of the page):

I am in the process of encouraging (once again) somebody close to Sam Shamoun to rebuke him. Interesting it takes a Muslim to do something that one would have expected sincere Christians to do 20 years ago. IF the bloke has seriously developed mental health problems are those Christians around him not going to take some responsibility?

Rather than moaning about it, here's a mini action plan

Firstly somebody needs to have a word. Dr James White has already tried and failed. Thanks James for trying at least. So we need another person. I've tried to get Samuel Green in on the act again. Let's see what happens this time. I personally think somebody like Shabir Ally should be invited to do so. Dr Shabir Ally is a wise, clam and rational man. In a personal dialogue he could well help him. Of course Sam will have to put his anti-Muslim sentiment to one side during the discussion. However, this is exactly his problem - his anti-Muslim sentiment so clearly him having a PRIVATE discussion where he listens MUCH more than he talks could well be fruitful.

Secondly, I think Sam Shamoun NEEDS to get a proper job. I'm not saying this to deride him. A proper job leads to increased self-esteem, getting out of the house (out of his internet bubble) and realising you really are an unknown in the world. He would be interacting with real life peeps rather than with folks over a phone/internet line thus aiding the building of his social skills. It would also help him financially, I've heard the man asking for donations on an internet chat program. He has a young family and he is middle-aged so clearly he needs to realise that in terms of longevity he needs to put aside the personal and start thinking about the bigger picture concerning his family and future.

Thirdly, if all this is failing then try to get him to seek professional advice. I could help with the costs to an extent and we would have to all chip in or we could use David Wood's friend (whom I'm in communication with - a professional in psychology).

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Sam Shamoun: A Disgrace To Christians


Bassam Zawadi

I am writing this brief note to simply let Muslims know that not all Christians have filthy manners like Sam Shamoun. Sam Shamoun does not exhibit the character of a true Christian believer. I have to be honest and admit this, for it won't be fair to portray a wrong image of Christians based on this ill mannered man.