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Ex Muslims And Self Hatred!

Ex Muslims in Muslim Countries And Self Hatred! 

I recently came across a question about Ex-Muslims which got me thinking about the types of ex-Muslims and the issues they are facing. I always look at ExMuslims with suspicion.

Let's be honest, a lot of ex-Muslims are self-haters. I'm talking about the ones born in Muslim families such as your average Pakistani or Bangali home.  If they could become Westerners overnight I reckon they would.If they could change their skin colour I'd imagine they would. These people have a serious case of INFERIORITY COMPLEX. I've seen it before. It's nothing new. These are the effects of colonialism and Western propaganda my friends.

This inferiority complex leads these folk to imitate the West (UK or America mainly). As a Brit I can see it a mile off. They even end up looking down upon those of their own race. Pure retardation right? This is self hatred. And the self hatred is not confined here. It goes towards religion too. These folk see Islam closely associated with what they hate (their race/nationality) thus they ultimately eschew and end up hating Islam.

They associate success with what they look up to (the West). I'm born and raised in the UK - a real Brit - unlike a lot of these ex-Muslim wannabe types. I'm a Muslim. Islam offers you a framework and theology that Western humanism could not even come close to. What these ex-Muslims do is look at matters superficially.

In no particular order of significance or chronology, I outline the factors encouraging the self-hatred of the exMuslim:

1. They see the white skin (yep, let's be frank) this plays a factor in the exMuslim mindset as they have been conditioned to think white is superior. Just look at all those skin whitening creams they are consuming in Muslim countries! So they automatically, through their conditioned subconscious, are feeling inferior. If you think self hatred of skin colour is nothing to worry about and these exMuslims are not affected just go and ask your average black person in the UK and US. American and British black people (many of whom are Muslims) are bombarded by a campaign (a sinister PLANNED campaign in my view) to make them self-hate their physical features so much so that they will not marry each other and use cosmetics (weaves, coloured contacts and skin bleaching) to Europeanise their features. You think that type of propaganda does not have an affect on the person's psyche. Speak to anybody black person who is conscious!

I really wouldn't be surprised if your average exMuslim has consumed skin lightening creams or is currently using such creams. Perhaps they've dyed their hair blonde? I wouldn't be surprised if they've whacked in the colour contacts to change their eye colour!

2. They see the West as dominant in world politics. Come on, let's be frank, most of the Muslim countries are led by people who are like lap dogs for America and the West. This is something humiliating and may well be a factor in these people imitating Western lifestyles. These exMuslims need to stop being so superficial and recognise that might is not always right. Would they think that
the Europeans who ethnically cleansed North America of the native Americans (whom they called 'Red Indians) were right because they were the ones wielding the power and the weapons? Would they think the Europeans who marginalised the Australian Aboriginal people were right?

3. They have Hollywood and MTV. The West, American especially, beams it's lifestyle and propaganda into most Muslim homes day in day out. Are you trying to tell me that is not designed to lead folk to have a favourable view of America's secular lifestyle? The one who is already suffering from a strong bout of self hatred could be really susceptible to this dose of propaganda. Also, it's not just propaganda in favour of America but it's also negative propaganda against Russia and the Islamic world.

I'd imagine most if not all of these exMuslims are consuming Hollywood movies, American TV series and American music. Ask them who Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt is. I reckon they'll know most if not all. Ask the average American or Brit who the biggest movie/music stars in the Muslim countries are and you will get blank stares! I'm Muslim and British yet I have no clue who the biggest stars in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Malaysia, Indonesia or
Bangladesh are. Don't you think this cultural war is one sided? Don't you think the average exMuslim has been spoon fed Western propaganda all their lives and swallowed it!

4. Most of the world's wealth is congregated and controlled in the West. This again is something the self-hater will latch onto to bash his dirt poor fellow country men be they Pakistani, Arab, Somali or Indonesian! Of course, some people are greedy. They follow the gravy train. It's superficial. That's exactly the trait of the exMuslim.

 5. Muslim countries are often a mess. Really. A real mess. A ton of corruption and a ton of disorganisation plus poverty. The self hating exMuslim is superficial plus naïve and will use this to bash Islam and his fellow countrymen while ironically praising the West. Erm, Mr/Mrs exMuslim, you do realise that colonialism by the WEST is impacting your country hence MANY of the ills and poverty in these Muslim countries?

6. Ex Muslims are usually folk who don't know Arabic and have never studied Islam to any great extent at all. Just because they happen to be born in a Muslim society and/or a Muslim family does not mean they know much about Islam. I challenge the exMuslim to be humble and recognise this point if it applies to them. Go away and actually learn about Islam (not from some Islamophobic website!)

This ignorance of Islamic teachings and their lack of Arabic language skills leaves them as prey in the eyes of the average Islamophobe. Islamohobes churn out a ton of distortions and fallacious arguments against Islam. The Islamophobe is not trying to sway the learned Muslim but rather he/she is trying to sway the superficial and unlearned Muslim. Hence the exMuslim...

Do apostates have a right to be Islamophobic?

No, apostates don't have the right to be Islamophobic. Firstly Islam is the truth and nobody should be anti-truth. Secondly, if an apostate is blabbering on about how bad Islam is then they are simply bashing their own family, friends and background (something that shaped them in their formative years). A lot of/if not all apostasy is a form of self hatred amongst folk born in Muslim families. Are they seriously telling you they have become better people for dropping Islam over night?!
People want attention and some folk are wind-up merchants while others are just so dull they don't realise they are part of tokenism and are being used by fascists, Christian fundies and/or foreign interventionists. Some of these folk are just soooo involved in fitting into their new non-Muslim society that they will be lap dogs for their new hosts. Look at this pathetic image

What the? Really, holding that sign up?! Now you tell me, if you reckon she's holding that sign up in a hall full of Muslims or a hall full of those people she wants to impress and actually imitates? Perhaps a few shillings are involved too? Even those sandwich board chaps get paid, right?

Oh and always be wary of the fraudulent 'ex-Muslim' and the one with other issues. A few types of 'ex-Muslim' come in mind:

a. The one who claims to have been a Muslim, yet knowingly never was.

b. The one who runs with a fanciful narrative of ex-terrorist or son of imam or even imam himself.

c. Some chap from an odd sect that may call itself Muslim yet the mainstream Islamic community have never considered that sect to be Muslim

d. The one claiming to be devout. For some reason a lot claim to have been devout Muslims - perhaps in view of  exaggerating their story

e. This is a popular one, the imitator. This person will copy the Western lifestyle and thus even their belief system simply because he/she has an inferiority complex. Watch out for one of their common arguments: Muslim countries are poor, disorganised , restricted and lacking advancement while the West is rich, organised, free and advanced. The mere fact that the damage of colonialism that the West inflicted upon the Muslim world is not even considered by this person as this person is sooo superficial in his/her mindset (inferiority complexes do that to folk)

f. The one who knows really little about Islam and never really practiced much of the practices (don't think that an immigrant Muslim who has lived in a Muslim country for years is automatically going to know much about Islam - many are from rural areas and have never had access to a decent education.

g. The immigrant who changed his/her religion for the purposes of an easier social status in his/her host country. The pressure to conform is high and people can and do sell out literally.

h. The immigrant from a Muslim country full stop! Just because they have lived in a Muslim country it does not mean these people know much about Islam. Many are from rural areas where they follow many strange cultural practices and have never had any education in religion or any other discipline before. Immigrant Muslims are involved in a lot of these crazy stories of honour killings and grooming where the lawlessness of their previous society and lack of education in both religion and other disciplines has impacted these people for the worse.

i. The refugees from war torn areas. People who have that thousand yard stare because of the war and atrocity they have been subjected to.

j. The person who sees Islamophobia is a money making occupation nowadays and it's a sector which is crying out for 'ex-Muslims'. So really, if you see a person cashing in on their tag of being an 'exMuslim' just keep this in mind.

k. Somebody giving up their faith for a Christian girl or a girl of another faith (or even boy). I knew a person who had apostatised and was in touch with an American Christian missionary girl that he fancied. Seemed awfully suspicious that all of a sudden he became a Christian...

In my opinion, ExMuslims who have left the religion they were born into are indeed a group with real issues, be they social, psychological, greed, dishonesty, ignorance or inferiority complexes. ExMuslims may well paint themselves as some sort of victims. Perhaps they are victims of sorts in some cases but perhaps some of it is simply a cry for love from those who they truly look up to - the Americans and the rest of the West!

Time for the ExMuslim to stop looking down on Muslims and stop looking up to the West. Start looking for the Truth. The Truth of Islam will set you free from self-hatred and inferiority complexes (God willing)

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