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Hamza Yusuf Explaining Concept of Dhimmi (Dhimmitude Explained)

Hamza Yusuf on Dhimmitude

What is dhimmi?

Hamza Yusuf points out that the Dhimmi system is not a negative thing. He gave the example of the Gulf War (1) where the US protected Kuwait at a COST - protection money. Hamza Yusuf states protection is not free and the Islamic dhimmi system is much cheaper than what America charged.

Hamza Yusuf gave a historically documented case of Muslims returning the Jizya because the Muslims were unable to protect the Christians and Jews of that area. Muslims weren't squeezing people for every drop - it was a case of pay if you had the capacity. Old people who couldn't pay were exempt.

A state of humiliation?

 Hamza Yusuf touches on the translation of Quran 9:29 and the tafsirs. Hamza Yusuf finds it dangerous to say 'in a state of humiliation', he seems to disagree with this view. He highlights that there is a big debate over what the word 'Saaghir' means. Hamza Yusuf suggests we can look at it as 'a minority' rather than 'a state of humiliation'.

What does Dhimma mean?

Hamza Yusuf teaches us it means 'responsibility'. He also states it's the Muslims' responsibility to defend the dhimmis and their places of worship. Hamza Yusuf reminds us of the Islamic teaching of not harming the dhimmi (people in the Muslim world should be reminded of this).

Hamz aYusuf is honest, he doesn't whitewash anything and does touch on the misbehaviour of Muslims in history.

Hamza Yusuf offers an important point so we can have a realistic view of Muslim history; in Egypt it took 300 years before the Muslims reached 50% of the population, it Syria it took 500 years. Hamza Yusuf sees the existence of minorities in Muslim lands as a source of pride as it shows Muslims defended their minorities.

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