Monday, 26 May 2014

Paul of Tarsus + Anti-Muslim Hoaxes About Saudi Muslims and Bikinis

The anti-Muslim hate preachers were out in force recently peddling a story about Saudi Arabia fining Italian women who were wearing bikinis. Yep they were peddling a hoax. A made up story.

However, the Christian extremist followers amongst them may want to contemplate on what Paul of Tarsus (author of some of the books in the New Testament!) would have thought of Bikini clad Europeans. He had some interesting views as he is believed by Christian fundamentalists to have enforced the head covering on praying women and if they did not comply Paul was in favour of cutting their hair off. I'm not too sure what any European bikini wearing woman would make of that. Not only this, Paul (according to the Jesus scholar, Geza Vermes) believed Paul thought women with no head coverings were temptations for the angels.

This is the hypocrisy of anti-Muslim Christians. A lot of the time, when they aren't just peddling straight up hoax stories these folk are foolishly falling into hypocrisy as they just aren't aware of the teachings within Christianity.


Saudi Muslims Fine Bikini-Clad Italians $3500? Nope: It’s a Hoax

Here’s a classic example of how anti-Muslim hate grows on the Internet:
One week ago, the Internet was abuzz over reports that Saudi Arabia fined three Italian tourists $3500 for wearing bikinis in the presence of Muslims. The story was circulated on an obscure Italian-language news site, which referenced an earlier story published on April 28, 2014 at Giornale de Corrriere.  [Source]


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