Monday, 12 May 2014

Muslim Reaction to Kidnapped School Girls Nigeria - Forced to Convert to Islam?

There are reports coming out that the kidnapped school girls have been forced to convert to Islam. In a purported Boko Haram video, a man claims the girls have been liberated and are Muslims. He also mentions the girls will not be released until prisoners (who he suggests have undergone torture) are released.

So there are a few things with this, firstly the video could well be a hoax. The burka-wearing girls in the video which the Boko Haram video suggests to be the missing girls could well be deceptive. We cannot confirm or deny this.

Secondly, forced conversions of the kidnapped girls to Islam is un-Islamic. Forced conversions are not allowed in Islam.

Thirdly, assuming the video is accurate, there seems to be a hint as to the motivation of Boko Haram - their fellow members are imprisoned and are being tortured. Boko Haram want them released. We know the actions of Boko Haram are indeed un-Islamic as stated by a respected Muslim scholar, Yasir Qadhi.

Fourthly, Islamophobes really need to stop misusing the suffering of these girls as a stick to beat Muslims. Islamophobes would not like it if folk began to use the nuking of Japan to bash all Christians. The Islamophobes need to drop their hatred and show more self-respect.

Boko Haram leader says he'll trade kidnapped girls for prisoners

Boko Haram has released a new video claiming to show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls who were abducted last month, alleging they had converted to Islam and would not be released until all of its prisoners held by Nigeria were freed.

In the video, obtained by the AFP news agency on Monday, Abubakar Shekau, the group's leader, is shown speaking for 17 minutes before showing what he said were about 130 of the girls, wearing full-length abayas and praying in an undisclosed rural location.

Nearly 300 girls were abducted on April 14 from the northeastern town of Chibok, in Borno state, which has a sizeable Christian community. Fifty-three girls managed to escape.

Three of the girls in Monday's video are interviewed in the recording. Two say they were Christian and had converted while one said she was Muslim.

The girls appeared calm and one said that they had not been harmed.

There was no indication of when the video was taken, although the quality is better than on previous Boko Haram videos and at one point an armed man is seen in shot with a hand-held video camera.
Boko Haram has been waging an increasingly deadly insurgency in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north since 2009, attacking schools teaching a "Western" curriculum, churches and government targets.
Civilians have borne the brunt of recent violence, with more than 1,500 killed this year alone, while tens of thousands have been displaced after their homes and businesses were razed. [Al Jazeera]

Muslims condemn Boko Haram!

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

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Anonymous said...

Ah, so now the REAL **strategic reason** behind the kidnappling of this massive number of Christian Nigerian girls comes out! It's that Boko Haram was trying to get enough hostages to make a prisoner exchange — its Boko Haram captives for these Christian captives. It wasn't simply Muslim sexual slavery as some would have you believe. It was the age-old trading captives for other captives that happens in all such situations.