Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bigots Misuse: Rania Alayed Murder Case: 'Westernised' wife 'murdered by husband'

Islamophobic bigots may well be using the unislamic honor killing of a woman from Manchester for their own political purposes but the normal people amongst us will simply state we know honor killings are not Islamic and our thoughts are with the woman's family.
A clip of the news story that some Islamophobes are using for their own purposes of hatred and self-promotion:
A mother of three from Manchester was murdered by her husband for becoming "too westernised" and "establishing an independent life", a court has heard.

Rania Alayed, 25, went missing last June but her body has never been found.

Ahmed Al-Khatib admits causing her death, claiming he was "possessed of a spirit" when he pushed her, causing her to stumble, fall and bang her head.

Al-Khatib, 35, of Gorton, and his brother Muhaned Al-Khatib, of Salford, both deny murder.

Syrian-born Ms Alayed went to drop off her children at the flat of the defendant's brother, where she is said to have been murdered.

Muhaned Al-Khatib, 38, left the address with the children some 45 minutes later and shortly afterwards Ahmed Al-Khatib walked out wearing some of her traditional clothing with a suitcase containing her corpse, the Manchester Crown Court jury was told.

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