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Unitarian Universalist Said Zakir Naik is Making Stuff Up...

I recently posted this video of Dr Zakir Naik refuting the belief of reincarnation:
A Unitarian Universalist recently emailed me and told me Dr Zakir Naik is wrong in saying Hindus believe that they could reincarnate into animals. He was quite adamant on this front and was even accusing Zakir Naik of making stuff up:

What’s worse is that he makes up stuff, completely straw man without quoting any scripture that Hindus believe that bad people will return as animals such as cats or dogs. Where is he getting this is information from? What are his sources? The fact that that he just makes this up without any source, academically speaking this allegation should be an embarrassment for Muslims who care to represent other peoples faith accurately...

...What is Zakir Naik’s source that humans who do bad deeds will return as animals? Why does he not give a source to this alleged teaching? Zakir Naik is known for memorizing citations and yet he doesn't give one in this case?

I was surprised. I mean, think about it, you have Dr Zakir Naik who was born and raised in a Hindu majority country (India) so one would expect Dr Zakir Naik to have spoken to a number of folk who believe in reincarnation and thus garnered an understanding of the doctrine of reincarnation.

It appears Dr Zakir Naik is correct and the Unitarian Universalist chap who emailed me is incorrect - reincarnation does teach that humans can be reincarnated as animals. Here's a few interesting quotes to highlight the fact Zakir Naik is correct to teach Hindus believe humans can reincarnate into animals:

Do people reincarnate as animals and vice-versa?An popular reincarnation myth posits that the soul, once attaining a human form, always comes back in a human body in the next life and never reincarnates in a lower species. We may reincarnate as humans, but we could come back as dogs, cats, hogs, or lower species. There is no scientific or scriptural evidence anywhere for this fanciful "once a human, always a human" notion, which runs contrary to the true principles of reincarnation, principles that have been understood and followed by millions of people since time immemorial.
So Lord Krsna says:
"When one dies in the mode of goodness, he attains to the pure higher planets. When one dies in the mode of passion, he takes birth among those engaged in fruitive activities; and when he dies in the mode of ignorance, he takes birth in the animal kingdom"(Bhagavad-gita 14.14-15) [Source of quote]

.So I, as spirit soul, I am individual, existing. I shall continue to exist as individual in this material world, either as human being or as an animal or as demigod or a tree, plants, fish, aquaticsso many [Source]

Oh and I know it's Wikipedia but still:

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Indian religions.[1] [Wiki]


It appears the Universalist is wrong and Dr Naik is correct. The Unitarian Universalist clearly had not come across the 14th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. Clearly Naik was not making stuff up. I invite the Unitarian Universalist to Islam.

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